Fantasy Preview: Quarterbacks

Hey guys. I have been playing fantasy football for 3 seasons now, and I won 3/4 of my leagues last year. I will now rank quarterbacks from 1-32, and give a write-up on each one. 

~Tier One- Elite~

1. Drew Brees- Drew Brees is set up to have one of the best years of his career. He has pretty much the same cast around him as last year, they are just a year more experienced. The Saints also signed Veteran HB Darren Sproles, who used to play for the Chargers. It looks like Darren Sproles will be a great addition to the team. Last season he led the Chargers in receptions from superstar Philip Rivers. I expect Drew to improve upon his numbers from last year, passing for around 4,500 yards, 35 TDs, and 15 INT. 


2. Philip Rivers- Philip Rivers last year had the best season of his career, according to him, and many others. Last season he also had to deal with the difficulties of Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil holding out, and injuries plagued his recieving corps. This year, everyone is healthy. Vincent Jackson should pick up and be an elite reciever as before, and I believe Patrick Crayton's value will increase. Crayton did a great job for his first year as a Charger, I was truly bummed to see him injured. The Chargers have added a few new recievers, but lost Darren Sproles, and it is looking as if they will lose Malcom Floyd. I expect Rivers to pass for around 4,400 yards, 30 TDs, and 9INT.


3. Tom Brady- This was a tough one. Brady is an elite quarterback for sure, but I believe his career is in decline. Last year he had a phenominal year, but I doubt he will be able to reproduce the same stats. I believe he will start to take a diminished role, and stand aside for the run game a little more this season. The patriots are always a contender for the superbowl, and i dont forsee that changing this season. The patriots have been very quiet this offseason with free agent signings, and Brady looks to have the same cast as last year. I expect Brady to pass for around 4,000 yards this season, maybe less if you look at the declining pass attempts for him the past few seasons. I could see around 30 TDs, and 12 INTs.


~Tier 2 Above Average~

4. Aaron Rodgers- No denying it. This guy is good. I just dont think he is as good as he is hyped up to be. The people ranking him #1 are not basing his ranking off his performance with a bunch of rookies, like Philip Rivers, but with a team that has been built to be a championship team the past few years. Dont take me wrong, he is a great quarterback. No new recievers for the packers, same recievers, should be another good year for Rodgers. 4000 yards, 25 TDs, 14 INT. 

5. Michael Vick- Yes. Here is the quarterback everyone loved last season. Personally, I dont believe the hype surrounding him. He has an aggressive playing style, and WILL get hurt. There is no denying it. It just depends on when that is on his fantasy impact. The eagles have built up a great team this year, and it will be interesting to see if all the components work together. I expect Vick to be an above average quarterback this season, because there is no way he will be able to match the insane stats he had last year. This year he does not have a chip in his shoulder. He has no reason he has to succeed. 2800 pass yds. 19 TDs 8 INTs. 600 rush yards, 10 TDs. 2 Fmbl.

6. Peyton Manning- Now, as I am writing about Peyton, i believe that he is really the #5 ranked quarterback above Michael, on a normal year. This is not a normal year though. He has been having the issues with his neck, and has yet to throw yet. The preseason starts one week from today. He is supposed to be ready for day 1, but i think he will be rusty, and be less productive than #1-5 for the first few weeks, but I think he will heat up at the end of the season, and finish in the top 3 for the later 8 weeks of the season. He is still a great quarterback, but like Brady, he is getting older, and more injury prone. I expect similar stats this year. 4,100 yds. 31 TDs 19 INT.

7. Tony Romo- Tony Romo and Matt Ryan are pretty much tied for this spot. I give the edge to Tony Romo due to his experience in the NFL and his multiple 4000+ yd seasons. Tony Romo is back from an injury. I expect him to have healed completely, and take back over his team. It is a relief for Cowboy fans that he is back. He still has Miles Austin, and I believe will pick up right were he left off. I expect similar stats to Philip Rivers. 4000 yds. 25 TDs. 10 INT

8. Matt Ryan- A great quarterback, still new to the NFL. I think that he is getting way better each year. I expect him to finally crack 4000 yards this year. His coach should give him around 500 att. this season, and i think he will be right around the same as last year. 4000 Yards, 25 TDs. 11 INT.

9. Ben Roethlisberger- As much as I dont like the guy, he is still a good quarterback. I am predicting that he will get hurt this year due to his flamboyant use of the run. I believe he will miss 3 games this season, and also get a concussion. But, he still has the good team around him that won the super bowl, and i expect similar stats to the past few years. 3800 Yds. 24 TDs. 16 INT. 150 Rush yards. 3 TD.

10. Eli Manning- Eli has been a consistant quarterback the past few seasons, but hasnt received the congratulations he deserves. Eli was up at the top for TD passes last year. But was also 1st in INT. I believe that he will receive less pass attempts, a few less TDs. and 5 less INT. I expect better numbers this year. 4000 yds. 26 TD. 20 INT. 



11.  Matt Shaub

12. Joe Flacco

13. Josh Freeman

14. Sam Bradford

15. Matt Stafford

16. Kyle Orton

17. Jay Cutler

18. Mark Sanchez

19. Kevin Kolb

20. Donovan Mcnabb

21. Alex Smith

22. David Garrard

23. Ryan Fitzpatrick

24. Matt Hasselbeck

25. Chad Henne

26. Jason Cambell

27. Colt McCoy

28. Tarvaris Jackson

29. Cam Newton

30. Andy Dalton

31. John Beck

32. Tim Tebow


Writeups for the rest will come soon. 

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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