Which Chargers Player Needs a Big Game Against 49ers?

If you listened to the podcast I did with Steve last night (here it is), you heard me glance through my list of San Diego Chargers that need extended playing time (and some success) against the 49ers on Thursday night. I thought it made some sense to write that list down, along with some notes.

Seyi Ajirotutu - Tutu has been relatively quiet this preseason, which not many of us were expecting. He's dedicated himself to Special Teams as a way to make himself more valuable, but the coaching staff is going to feel a lot better about keeping him if he can show some of those receiver skills we saw last season in the final game. Going up against a poor SF secondary, it should not be a problem.

Corey Liuget - Not that he needs to impress, but Corey is still getting caught up and could use the work.

Kevin Bentley - With how bad Stepehn Cooper looked against the Cardinals, all "New Coop" needs to do is show that he can pick up the defense and cover some people. He'll get plenty of time to do so.

Shareece Wright - His draft spot says he makes the team, but a real good game will show the coaching staff that he's closer to ready than they think. That will mean more opportunity for him in his rookie season.

Marcus Gilchrist - He's the nickel corner and, like Liuget, could use as much work as possible before the games start to mean something.

Frank Summers - This one is somewhat selfish. If Summers does nothing, yet again, I'm going to be pretty pissed if he makes the team.

Donald Butler - Just like Liuget and Gilchrist, but playing a more complicated and more important position. He needs to work on his coverage skills, and he should get a chance.

Jonas Mouton - I made the point in last night's podcast that, if Mouton had been drafted where people expected him to be (4th round or later) rather than being a 2nd rounder, some people would be calling for him to be cut. He has been that quiet in the preseason. If he wants to be above Coop/New Coop on the depth chart, he needs a big game and at least one big play.

Darryl Gamble - Needs one more big game/play to make the team.

Larry English - He hasn't played a lot of football in the last year, but he's not Bob Sanders. He needs to prove that he's ready to take on the snaps they're going to give him in the regular season. Starting the season injured would not be good.

Marcus McNeill - Even if it's for a series, I'd love for Marcus to spend some time knocking off whatever rust has accumulated in the last few weeks. We saw against the Rams in 2010 that he needs that before returning to form.

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