Projected 53-man Roster

I took a stab at what I believe our opening day roster will be (based on current roster).

I'm not too familiar with html formatting but if someone knows how to insert this as an excel file it would be helpful.





Roster Spots (53) Position Expected  Bubble Practice Squad (12 max) Remaining Players/Pot'l Cuts Position
1 K Kaeding, Nate  Broadway, Ramon  CB 
2 Scifres, Mike  Harrison, Stephen  CB 
3 LS Binn, David  Blanc, Mike  DE 
4 QB1 Rivers, Philip  Ihenacho, Carl  DE 
5 QB2 Volek, Billy  Scafe, Damik  DE 
6 QB3 Tolzien, Scott  Bryant, Charlie  DT 
7 WR1 Jackson, Vincent  Walters, Bryan  Patterson, Travon  Rogers, Dean  FB 
8 WR2 Floyd, Malcom  Hazelton, Vidal  Polk, Nick  FS 
9 WR3 Crayton, Patrick  Gamble, Darryl  LB 
10 WR4 Ajirotutu , Seyi  Leman, Jeremy  LB 
11 WR5 Washington, Kelley  Windt, Mike  LS 
12 WR6 Brown, Vincent  Schmitt, Ricky 
13 OL1 McNeill, Marcus  Dombrowski, Brandyn  Baxter, Colin  Wallace, C.J. 
14 OL2 Dielman, Kris  Thran, Bo  Richmond, Nick  Eckerson, Hutch 
15 OL3 Hardwick, Nick  Otterson , Ryan  Schilling, Steve 
16 OL4 Vasquez, Louis  Young, Eric 
17 OL5 Clary, Jeromey  Morris, Dennis  TE 
18 OL6 Green, Tyronne  Taylor, Brad  TE 
19 OL7 Mruczkowski, Scott  Cannon, Adrian  WR 
20 RB1 Mathews, Ryan  Brinkley, Curtis  Odim, Isaac  Kenney, Cameron  WR 
21 RB2 Tolbert, Mike  McNeal, Shawnbrey  Sullivan, Brandon 
22 RB3 Todman, Jordan 
23 FB1 Hester, Jacob 
24 FB2 Summers, Frank 
25 TE1 Gates, Antonio 
26 TE2 McMichael, Randy 
27 TE3 Sperry, Kory 
28 CB1 Jammer, Quentin  Simmons, Traye 
29 CB2 Cason, Antoine 
30 CB3 Hughes, Dante 
31 CB4 Gilchrist, Marcus 
32 CB5 Wright, Shareece 
33 FS1 Weddle, Eric 
34 FS2 Gregory, Steve 
35 SS1 Sanders, Bob 
36 SS2 Stuckey, Darrell 
37 OLB1 Barnes, Antwan  Holt, James 
38 OLB2 English, Larry 
39 OLB3 LaBoy, Travis 
40 OLB4 Phillips, Shaun 
41 ILB1 Butler, Donald 
42 ILB2 Spikes, Takeo 
43 ILB3 Mouton, Jonas 
44 DE1 Castillo, Luis 
45 DE2 Cesaire, Jacques 
46 DE3 Liuget, Corey 
47 DE4 Martin , Vaughn 
48 DE5 Nwagbuo, Ogemdi 
49 DT1 Garay, Antonio 
50 DT2 Thomas, Cam 
51 ST Gachkar, Andrew  Bird, Bront 
52 ST Teal, Quinton  Goodman, Richard 
53 ST Robinson, Laurent  Wilson, Kion 

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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