Holy Wide Recievers Batman!

It just occurred to me. The Charger's WR core could look entirely different after free agency pans out.

Currently our core looks like this (feel free to add anybody I miss)

1. VJax (franchise tag)

2.M80 (RFA/UFA)

3. Craig "Buster" Davis (signed)

4. Patrick Crayton (signed)

5. Seyi Ajirotutu (signed)

6. Vincint Brown (drafted)

7. Legadu Naanee (UFA)

8-11 (practice squad)


After the jump, I'll talk about the worst case scenario and the possible moves AJ could make.

If worst came to worst;b

VJax- could be traded to a team looking for a number one wide receiver for at least a 1st round pick (Bears, Lions, Seahawks, Donkies, Rams. etc.)

M80-  could be signed to a team looking for a deep vertical threat (most of the same list as VJ)

Naanee- had a run in with the law. and was not offer a tender, so he will be let go.


So that leaves us with:

CBD, Crayton, Tutu and VJr

CBD- This guys development into consist player quite possibly could be the key to the door that the Charger's have been waiting, but he is still developing., he is not  number 1 receiver yet.

Crayton- is a veteran with plenty of experience to be a leader, but non of the physical attributes to be a number 1 in our system.

Tutu- is undersized and is likely to fill the slot position after crayton

VJr- could a number 1 in the future. But will take some time.

a 2012 1st pick and a 2012 5th or 6th round compensatory pick


If this is the case, who is realistically going be there for trade/free agency.

Steve Smith-  a lot of rumors is floating around that he should come to San Diego. I am not against the trade. But he is another undersized slot receiver when we will need a number one. This would  be a trade that would be well worth making, if we can keep both VJax and M80.

Randy Moss- this would be the one guys that I would want for no more than 2 years. He fits our offense and is looking to prove something. If he can be the Randy Moss we saw when he first came the Patriot, he can be a big threat. He also can help the Chargers beat teams he with whom he is really familiar. e.i. the Patriots and the Jets

TO- he yet to show that he fit with in a system. Never-mind fitting in a looker.

Chad Ochocinco-  If he can fit in to the system and stay quite enough for AJ(and maybe change his name to ochinticinco,) he could fit. That's a big IF though.

My pick would be Moss.

Anybody else who is not a a top tier guy.

Update: reports are surfacing that VJ will be asking for $10M in damages or UFA w/o being franchise tagged.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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