Would Norv Turner do a better job as Chargers GM than A.J Smith?

Is Norv Turner the perfect fit for Chargers GM?

One of my favorite sayings is " It takes two opposing  forces to make friction"
This clearly explains why Marty Shottenheimer isn't still in San Diego.

Furthermore it explains why names like Brian Billick,Bill Cowher and John Gruden wont be head coaches in San Diego any time soon.Because you can bet they wouldn't get along with A.J Smith.

When Norv Turner took over the reigns of the San Diego Chargers in 2007, he inherited a star studded cast of individuals. Don't get me wrong, Im not bashing the Chargers, but that's exactly what Norv got, a group of the most talented "individuals  " that any NFL roster had.

So Turner's first year coaching  with a first year starting quarterback. No expectations, no pressure, well, I cant say that, entertaining the egos of Cromartie , Tomlinson, and Merriman must have been as much fun as babysitting toddler triplets at a busy amusement park.

LaDainian Tomlinson was upset because Norv brought in an aerial attack. Yeah, he's a pass happy coach, sorry LT. Shortly after ,Tomlinson's numbers diminished from league MVP to 93rd in the league, Philip Rivers was the clear leader of the team, and 8 pro bowlers were showed the exit.
That's a rough entry for any coach to walk into, and Chargers fans were split about Turner.

So lets list  a couple facts about Turner.

1. He's a damn nice guy
2. Hes wealthy
3. Hes successful
4. He's got nothing to prove

If you interviewed Norv Turner, about Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Adolph Hitler, I think he'd have something nice to say about each.

Honestly, the guy has already made more money than most people will see in 20 lifetimes.

He has Two super bowl rings for his duties in Dallas as an offensive coordinator, and has been associated with everyone from Dan Fouts to Philip Rivers.

So what keeps this guy going? Certainly there has to be some motivating factor.

Turner turned 59 this May, he got his 100th victory  as a head coach last November,and yet somehow he never really received that "field general" status that guys like John Madden , Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi were born with.

But let me ask you this Charger fans. How would you like to see Norv Turner as the teams General manager?
I think this role is way more fitting for him than current general manager A.J Smith.

Of course I am going strictly by opinion, but I think Norv Turner would do a far better job with player negotiations , relations, drafting and scouting.

And just before you all ditch me here and talk about A.J as a hawk for talent, answer me this:

Where did

Malcom Floyd
Antonio Gates
Steve Gregory
Stephen Cooper
come from?
Yeah all undrafted free agents!

I'd go out on a limb here and call them more productive than  Sammy Davis ,Larry English , Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo and,  Buster Davis ( Chargers first round picks)

I also recall it was A.J who wanted Eli Manning instead of Philip Rivers, Marty  Shottenheimer talked him into Rivers via trade shortly before being fired. Ironically the only reason Smith hasn't been fired is because of Rivers.

Look, the Chargers haven't had a good draft since 2006, and most people know it.

 Also Smith just has to play hardball with every single Charger who's contract is up. This cant be good for business. Do you think Turner would have started last year without Marcus McNeill or Vincent Jackson signed? I don't.

And why the hell didn't Smith at least offer Eric Weddle and Malcom Floyd deals before the lockout? They deserved to at least have some offer thrown their way. ' Weddle stated publicly " I am stunned they haven't at least tried to negotiate with me" . Personally I am too.

 The Bob Sanders signing should have taken place after Floyd and Weddle were at least made an offer.

This "my way or the highway business " is good for two things. The mafia and the military, but  but in the NFL, that garbage doesn't work.

 There's 31 different avenues each Charger could depart to, and sadly that's what happens in San Diego more times than not.

So yeah, Turner catches a lot of flack for not being over emotional on the field and in interviews, but every single player on the Chargers loves playing for him, and say so publicly.

He is a people person, who would be great for team and Public relations. I'm pretty well certain that a meeting between A.J Smith and any player agent is about as fun as a root canal without anesthetics.

What I'm trying to say is this. The Chargers would be a much better team if Turner was doing the negotiations,scouting, contracts deals and drafting, and a guy like John Gruden or Bill Cowher was doing all the yelling on the field

The problem in San Diego is the roles are reversed. The nice guy is doing the field work, and the guy who refuses to negotiate is handling all the contracts. How many guys have the Chargers flat out cut instead of getting trade value for?

The holdouts in San Diego should be over before pre season begins. To have a pro bowl receiver and All pro left tackle sit out because they aren't even negotiated with is not only bad business , it loses games, and unfortunately it cost the Chargers their 2010 season.

Furthermore, if Weddle, Stephen Cooper, Kevin Burnett and Floyd aren't at least offered some incentive to stay, the Chargers will be killed in free agency. Free Agents who used to consider the Chargers will now look elsewhere.

Yeah , we get it! A.J Smith doesn't negotiate, he's all business, he's cheap, he's strict, that's all fine and dandy if you're running an auto parts store, but I feel he may be the leading cause the Chargers downfall.

Norv Turner has been down on the field for over forty years. He played back up quarterback to Dan Fouts, Developed the careers of Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith and Philip Rivers. He knows the game, and scouting aspects, and quite frankly is way more in touch with the players than Smith ever will be.

I think if the Chargers did move him to management position, and brought in a " tough, in your face " guy in to coach , the Chargers would be a lot better off.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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