Chargers Defeat the Jaguars: Good, Bad, and Ugly

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Chargers go into Jacksonville and run it up on the Jags 38-14. Last week I wrote...

We ripped Jackson, he broke out. We ripped Mathews, he broke out. Next Saturday, we rip everyone!

If you missed High Boltage Radio on Saturday, John and I basically ripped everyone and look what happened. With that in mind, no more Mr. rainbows and puppy dogs on Saturday mornings from here on out.

I don't know about you, but I was a little confused watching this game. It's been a while since the Chargers dominated a game, so I spent most of the game wondering around my living room wondering when Norv was going to piss me off. To my pleasure, it didn't happen. It has been a while since the Chargers have had a win like this, so I'm trying to drink it all in, I suggest you do the same.


Offense: Chargers offense with 400 yards in three quarters. 294 in the air and 106 on the ground with 18 first downs and no turnovers. Super Chargers!

Philip Rivers: This is what we were all expecting to see all season long. Rivers finished with a line of 22/28 294 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Rivers is now 22-2 in December in January. "Best Day Ever"

Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, and Antonio Gates: 250 in three quarters between the three of them. Awesome.

Ryan Mathews - Back to back 100 yard games for Mathews and he has a great shot to break 1,000 yards on the season.

Eric Weddle: Another interception for Weddle as he continues to justify that big contract. It's a shame he won't make the pro bowl, he has had a great season.

ILB: Donald Butler and Takeo Spikes getting it done with 17 tackles between the two of them.


Quentin Jammer: Jammer with three tackles and gave up a passing touchdown. He nearly went the way of Shawne Merriman when he collided with MJD as well.


Penalties: I feel like I'm nit picking, but the Chargers had six penalties for 55 yards.

Schedule: It's a shame that the Chargers waited until they were 4-7 to show up and make a playoff run. With the Bills, Ravens, Lions, and Raiders left on the schedule and the Broncos surging, it appears the only thing the Chargers can surge towards is hurting their draft position.

Shameless plug, High Boltage Radio will be on Saturday from 10am to noon. For those of you that play fake football, the HBR - Fantasy Football show will be on Thursday December 1st at 7pm. You can listen locally on XTRA Sports 1360 or online at

That's my list, who made your good, bad, and ugly?

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