Chargers vs. Jaguars: Fantasy Forecast

Charger Girls (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The Chargers' season is all but over, but the will roll into Jacksonville Monday night for a showdown with the Jaguars. I'm sure ESPN is thrilled to have this epic game on Monday night football. As fans, I'm sure you are thrilled to hear about where coaches will wind up in 2012. Enough with real football, let's get to the fake stuff.


QB - 6

HB - 10

WR - 2

TE - 26

Philip Rivers - Rivers came back down to earth against the Broncos. The Jags have been very tough on quarterbacks this season, Newton, Brees, and Rothisberger were all held under 15 points by the Jags defense. Prediction: 185 yards and one touchdown.

Ryan Mathews -Mathews continued his impressive streak against the Broncos, but can he put another great game together a second week in a row? The Jags have allowed big games on the ground this year. Prediction: 100 total yards

Mike Tolbert - After Mathews put up a big game against the Broncos Tolbert should be buried. Prediction: 75 total yard..

Vincent Jackson - As expected Jackson vanished on Sunday. This is a rough matchup for Jackson this week, with that said, I'm not expecting much. Prediction: Four catches for 45 yards.

Malcom Floyd - He's back! Is it wrong that I'm expecting one amazing catch and Floyd to leave the game early? Maybe. Prediction: three catches for 55 yards.

Antonio Gates - Gates is not the guy he used to be, but this will be his game to stand out. I'm expecting big things from Gates this week. Prediction: eight catches for 85 yards and a touchdown.

Time to look around the league at players with the softest matchups in this weeks edition of cherry picking.

32 Vikings Tebow
31 Broncos Colts
30 Patriots Ponder
29 Colts Brady
28 Raiders Moore
27 Packers Manning
26 Bills Hasselback

32 Panthers Bucs
31 Bucs Panthers
30 Colts Patriots
29 Rams 49ers
28 Raiders Dolphins
27 Chiefs Bears
26 Giants Packers

32 Patriots Colts
31 Packers Giants
30 Colts Patriots
29 Vikings Broncos
28 Saints Lions
27 Giants Packers
26 Rams 49ers

32 Bears Chiefs
31 Bills Titans
30 Chiefs Bears
29 Titans Bills
28 Seahawks Celek
27 Packers Giants
26 Jags Chargers
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