Dear Santa, A Charger fans wish list

Christmas wish list

1. Bill Cowher in lightning Bolts. Yes Chargers fans, he interviewed, and expressed interest in the job. That is a good indicator Norv and A.J are gone.

2. A Chargers Raiders tie. This will not only move the Chargers up the draft board, but keep the Raiders out of the playoffs, as well.

3. Tebow loses three straight to slide into the playoffs just to get smashed by the Steelers in Denver, after Orton cleans his clock for the season finale at home.

4. John Elway drafts a QB in the first round to breed a QB controversy in Denver that parrallels the Palmer/Campbell controversy in Oakland, and the Orton/Cassel controversy in K.C. This will spiral into miscommunication, poor leadership, and split locker rooms amongst all three.

5. A.J Smith becomes the GM for the Raiders, and introduces them to similar first round picks the Chargers have had to live with, Buster, Sammy, Larry, but then realizes they have no first round picks(oops)! So unveils some late round gems like he did in SD. Scot Chandler, Dobbins, Marcus Thomas, Dejuan Tribble, Kevin Ellison, Brandon Hughes. etc: Talent genius? Lmfao." Every" mock draft I read from casual fans rendered better picks.

6. New D- Coordinator. Singletary is available. Manusky couldnt win 4 games with a team that goes 14-2 the year after he leaves. Does A.J only hire coaches with losing records? Hmm, an egomaniac GM that only hires "down on their luck last chance coaches" wise play, you old prick.

7. Norv swallows his pride, knows his days as a Head coach are over, and signs at a reduced rate as a Offensive Coordinator. Its really that or retire really!

8. Vincent Jackson wakes up from his 50 million dollar dream and signs a 4 year 25 million dollar deal with the Chargers.

9. Gaither signs a deal, Dielman doesn't retire, McNeil moves to right guard, and Hardwick and Vasquez extend making a very legit O-Line.

10. Jammer moves to Strong safety, pairing with a (HEALTHY) Sanders, and Weddle making a top notch Safety tandem.

11.Chargers draft a legit pass rusher in the first round.Also A cornerback , blocking fullback and tight end that could make immediate impacts.

12. Jeff Hurd ( Conditioning coach ) GONE!. After leading the NFL 3 years in injuries, strains, pains, cramps.etc, a jr.high P.E coach would be a step up.

13. Takeo goes out after not just playing in a playoff game, but winning some.

14. See that same picture of Cowher holding up the Lombardi trophy but wearing a Chargers hat.

It's a lot to ask I know Santa, but dammit we've got a lump of coal in our stockings since 1963! Wtf?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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