Chargers Burning questions

With all the playoff scenarios unfolding , and the blurry playoff picture becoming clearer in many divisions, the AFC West remains a complete mystery. Can the Bolts pull it off again? Will the Broncos have another epic collapse? What happens next?

Well, now that the Chargers are playing top notch football, this could work in Norv Turner's defense depending on how far they get. It could also work against him if the Chargers coast hot into another off season out of the playoffs for not preparing such a talented team to win earlier.

So I guess the question here is what will Norv have to do to keep his job?

A 9-7 Chargers season full of promise?

A Wild card berth

An AFC West title

AFC Champions

or Superbowl run?

This goes for A.J as well. If he proves the talent is on the field with these big wins, how secure is his job without a huge playoff push?

Marcus McNeil. I haven't been impressed at all with him since his hold out before last season. He got the big money, and hasn't quite been the same. If the Chargers could work out a deal with Jared Gaither at a fraction of the cost, do they keep McNeil?

Bob Sanders- The Chargers retain rights to Bob Sanders services and have placed him on IR. Will they keep him , or deal him this off season?

Luis Castillo- When he's making more than Vaughn Martin, Cam Thomas and Corey Liuget combined, does anybody feel keeping him around would be a wise move?

Larry English- Its pretty clear Donald Butler has taken his job, Is English worth keeping around, or will he meet the same fate as Shawne Merriman?

Jordan Todman? When is this guy gonna get his chance?

Quentin Jammer- my opinion . Great guy, great tackler, great leader, awesome in run support, time to make the move to safety. Does he have a year left at cornerback?

Nick Novak- Assuming the Chargers make the post season, and Novak doesn't choke, what is Kaeding's fate?

Kassim Osgood- he left San Diego to get some play as a receiver in Jacksonville. To this point in the season he has 0 catches, and didn't do much better last year. His contract is up after this season, should the Chargers make a play to bring him back?

Chargers playoff chances?

A lot better than you think.

It all rides on the Bills beating the Broncos this week. If that happens then, I believe the Chargers are in. Yeah I know that the Bolts have some work left in Detroit and Oakland, but after seeing them win by 20 plus points three straight weeks it will surprise me nada.

Allies ? Romeo Crennel / Kyle Orton.

These two men will be instrumental in getting the Bolts into the playoff. Crennel is an interim coach who has showed great interest in landing the Chiefs HC job. Beating the Packers was huge, beating the Raiders and Broncos guarantees him a seven figure raise and HC duties in KC.

Kyle Orton - recently was humiliated and benched in Denver to the chants of TEBOW- TEBOW -TEBOW. To further his humiliation he was placed on waivers. Not even used in a trade.

In week 17, Orton would practically sell his soul to beat Tebow, and eliminate the Broncos from the playoffs right in Denver. I , for one, don't forget this man can throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns in a game, a task that Tebow has never come close to. Go Bolts!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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