5 Bad Stats: Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers

Quarterback Philip Rivers #17 of the San Diego Chargers fumbles the ball while trying to throw the ball from the pocket. The fumble resulted in the touchdown for the Bills. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Stevie Johnson - 4 catches, 116 rec yards
I caught bits and pieces of this game on my iPhone (don't ask), and listened to a lot of Josh Lewin and Hank Bauer on 1360AM, and it seemed like Quentin Jammer was getting burned by Stevie Johnson once per quarter. Also, with Stevie getting a reputation for being a top-notch WR with fairly average size and a penchant for mental mistakes (like dancing so long after a TD that he gets a penalty that costs his team the game), can I finally label him the next Chad Johnson? Maybe that should be the next Stevie Unotres.

Nick Novak - 1/1 FGs, 4/5 XPs
This is both a reach and a misrepresentation. I don't believe the blocked FG was Novak's fault, but have no idea whose fault it was. Still, it was one of the few missteps in the game for San Diego and one that had Hank Bauer worried about a humiliating Chargers 1-point loss for half of the game (which was humorous).

1 Sack (Antwan Barnes)
You want to know why the Chargers struggle to beat good teams? It's the total lack of a pass-rush. The Bills' offensive line is nothing special, and yet the only player able to get to Fitzpatrick in the backfield was Barnes (who apparently made a rookie OT look really bad with an inside swim move). It looks like the Bills' QB ran a bunch (5 times), so maybe there was pressure and just missed tackles. I'll update this after I watch the game if it needs to be updated.

Turnover, Defensive Points for the Bills
For those that couldn't follow the game, the Chargers came out after halftime desperate to let the Bills back into it. With a 16-0 lead at the half, the Chargers let the Bills drive down the field easily for a FG. Then, from their own 16, Philip Rivers simply had the ball slip out of his hands when trying to throw a screen pass and it was picked up by Buffalo and run in for a touchdown.

Donald Butler - 2 assisted tackles
Where the heck was Donald Butler all game? After being in a boot for most of the week, I feel like the "rookie" might not have been good to play but forced his way on the field. Prior to yesterday's game, he had only had 1 game with less 4 tackles. Yes, it's another reach.

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