Being a Chargers fan is the toughest job in sports.

Wow, here we go again. This is the time of year that the Chargers remind us of just how good they can be. All of our faith in them is warranted, and they really are playing well.

At the end of their game I was blown away. This following the demolishing of of the Jaguars last game. Everything seems to be looking up.

As a team playing like they have the last couple of weeks, they look clearly the best of the AFC West. They finally have got it together. They got their mojo so to speak. The offense, defense and special teams are all playing well. The passing game and running game finally got where they need to be. Every thing looks like we've envisioned since pre-season.

I am really buying what they are selling. So as I left the game at 37-10, I looked at the Packers destroy the Raiders a few plays, and then tuned in to the Bronco game which was winding down.

There was just over 2 minutes left on the clock and the Bears had a 10 point lead. 10-0 as a matter of fact. This was a nice surprise, but it ended quickly.

All of a sudden Tim Tebow turns into Barry Sanders combined with Joe Montana in their prime. The defense becomes the 85 Bears, and Matt Prater starts kicking 59 yarders like extra points. The sure handed Marion Barber fumbles a sure touchdown , and Tebow magic continues, another 3 point victory for the Broncos.

Then it donned on me, The Chargers are jinxed! The hole is too deep, and now we get to watch the Broncos walk away with the division. And we all pretty much know what's gonna happen.

: Chargers win pretty and make it look easy.

: The Broncos get smashed by the Patriots, squeak out another victory, then back into the playoffs.

: The Broncos get smashed at home by the Ravens

DE JA VU- Arrowhead January

: Chargers fans sit and wonder how in the heck this happened. We think about all the games we lost ugly on a fluke play, or how the Broncos won that way. We will sit and recall that botched snap in KC, not putting the Broncos away in SD, and just how good the Chargers could be next year.

I really like seeing the Chargers win, and win big, but has there ever been a team that makes its fans think about " what might have been" more than the Chargers?

Ironically, I feel that the Chargers are the better team, and I feel they'd represent the AFC West better in the playoffs. Instead of sitting here celebrating their recent wins, I find myself thinking about their close heartbreaking losses, and thinking about what could have been.

Some teams are lucky, and some are not, and some times its better being lucky than good. It works for Tebow!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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