Random thoughts -San Diego Chargers

Points to Ponder

Luis Castillo.

Lost in week 1 with a broken leg (tibia) , why on earth has he not been placed on injured reserve.

Really, is his .5 sacks , or 3.2 tackles per game really worth letting Darryl Gamble, Jordan Todman or Bryan Walters walk?

Jeff Hurd - Chargers strength and conditioning coach.

How on earth does this man still hold a job?
The Chargers have led the NFL in injuries the last 3 years , and looks like theyre in prime position to make it 4.

Q- Wanna know whats wrong with Philip Rivers? Answer- Jeff Hurd. Rivers is always playing behind a makeshift line. EVERY game , Rivers has less than half the time as the other teams QB. thanks Jeff!!

A.J Smith.

Mark my words, the Chargers wont get anything but a " yes man" to coach while this clown " Smith " still has a office with the Chargers.

Cowher or Gruden would only last a season under Smith, even if its a 14-2 season.

This egomaniac has created a farm league for the rest of the NFL, to pick through for NO compensation . Any player or coach with a personality or flare get dealt quick with this jerk, even if they're good.

Nick Novak-

Kudos to you sir-
Yeah he missed a 53 yard kick that cost the Chargers the game. But at least he had the decency to address it in a post game interview, and the man actually filled his eyes with tears.

This marks the first Charger player in recent history to show remorse over poor play in years. Usually they talk about how good their mediocre opponenets were. Or point out the only good thing that happened in the games. Just reference

You can read all about how Gates continues to make big plays , or how Mathews had a breakthrough game. Where does the road lead. If I were a good time Charlie, I would believe in a writing about a good game plan against Jacksonville. How to get back on track, or an offshot chance at the playoffs.

But actually, I look towards the betterment of the team, and some upcoming losses would be the best for it. Lets move up the draft board. Picking in the middle of the draft board every year builds an " average team. Lets get in the top 7 guys.

Also , every one is calling for Norv Turner's head. I agree. But I'd much prefer A.J gone now. Let the new GM evaluate the team, and have a good shot at adressing its needs through the draft and free agency. Lets keep Norv to guarantee we lose out. while a new GM addresses why, and A.J could go back to his church.

Idiot fans-

I'm tired of going to games , and hearing idiots sing songs, yell names, get in peoples faces, throw punches, get drunk, get violent, etc.. As these idiots gets thrown out one at a time, could it not be possible to keep them out?

How about an identification system that these guys red flag on?
Really , I get everything from my ankles to my ears patted down before entering qualcomm, I'd much rather take out my ID.

Idiot fans II-

Oakland Coliseum. Wow, this is going to be interesting. All signs point toward the Raiders hosting a playoff game this year.

Playoff games draw lots of visiting fans. It's an extremely high intense environment, where the destiny either points toward going home pissed, or advancing towards the super bowl.

However, most Oakland fans can't handle a pre-season game, much less a playoff game.
If in fact there is a playoff game in Oakland, there will almost certainly be violence involved. Will the NFL adress it? If so, how?

I actually appreciate the Raiders legacy, I like McFadden, I like Carson Palmer, and I like Hugh Jackson, but there is no doubt that the Organization is the cess pool of the NFL due to its host city and its fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars-

There were three teams slated to move to Los Angeles before the yer 2014.


Well, the Jaguars were

purchased today by Billionaire Shahid Khan!
He held an interview and stated boldly that the Jaguars " will not" move from Jacksonville.

This moves the Chargers high into the range of probability for next on the list. If ticket sales continue to plummet, fans lose interest in the team, and losses come every week. the move north rises.

Takeo Spikes-

Here is a guy I really like. Always positive, upbeat, and plays his ass off. 14 tackles last week, led the team. As well, he leads it on the season . At 35, and with 14 years under his belt , Spikes took a pay cut to come to San Diego. SImply because he felt he was playoff cursed.

Yeah, he's been a pro bowler, team leader and defensive captain many years, but he actually gave up money to play on a team that looked like it would make the playoffs.

Sadly, the 49ers (his old team) could lose every game remaining and make the playoffs. The Chargers could win out, and miss it.

Vincent Jackson

Is he still elite? Is he still worth the franchise tag? Will he show up next week? If anything, his inconsistency has at least made him retainable. There is no way he will get the 50 million dollar contract he was demanding last season.

Greg Manusky-

Does anyone here wish that before we let Ron Rivera go, we could have offered the HC job?

This , "rush three guys " thing Manusky is doing, just doesn't work. Instead the Chargers went from the number 1 defense to , making mediocre quarterbacks look like Joe Montana.

Tim Tebow is a fullback masquerading as a quarterback, but give hime two hours to find an open receiver, and he will. Just like Cassel, Sanchez, and Matt Moore did in previous weeks.

I am so tired of watching these moronic backup quarterbacks, running left, then right, then back left, and then sitting in the pocket, and then back left, and then hitting the open receiver after 7-10 seconds.
This is unacceptable.

On the othe other side, as soon as Rivers gets the ball in his hands he's getting smashed.
Here's an idea. If it takes Vincent Jackson 4 seconds to get through his route, and Rivers has three seconds to get the ball out. RUN SHORTER ROUTES!!!

The season is over. Please start playing for draft picks. Get a new GM to right the ship immediately, and when training camp starts, please have a new strength and conditioning coach, defensive coordinator, and head coach.

If not, the move to Los Angeles is immenent.

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