Fire Norv

Now I realize that Norv is'nt entirely to blame for how this season has gone. But, he is the leader of this team and most of the blame goes to him. I hear Darren Smith on xx1090 say that you dont fire a coach in the middle of the season. Well in our case, why not? Norv is not the future, he will never get us over the hump, we have been steadily getting worse since he was hired. Why not kick his ass to the curb now and get a jump start on the future of this team? I hate to say it and as much as I hope that I am wrong, this season is over.


Get our new coach in here now so he can start developing relationships with the players and start preparing for how to get this team fixed in the offseason, and hope for something better next season.

I wish the Chargers would go and get some impact players in free agency, In theory building through the draft is a great idea, but plugging in holes with good free agents that might cost a little money is not a bad idea. But for that to even work you cant draft, Aintoine Cason, Buster Davis, Larry English, Ryan Mathews (i still hold out hope he will be the next LT) and Cory Liuget in the first round and not have them play well, or even play at all!


I realize injuries are a part of the game too, but when there is this many injuries, something is not right with the team, staying healthy and on the field is a skill that guys need to develop, Malcom Floyd. AKA "I make one spectacular catch then sit on the sideline the rest of the game questionable to return."

Dear Ryan Mathews. STOP FUMBLING!!!!!!!!!! Especially in key moments!!! If you feel the need to have an obligatory once a game fumble, do it at least on the first possesion while there is still plenty of time.

Dear Phillip Rivers. You throw the ball away too much. Stop rolling out of the pocket towards the sideline. You cant run, and nothing ever comes from that. Oh and dont run a draw play on 3rd and 25, if you feel the need to do that, just punt instead and save some time.


oh yeah, and the same can be said for AJ Smith. AKA The Lord of no Rings. AKA "imstupidwhenitcomestodraftingplayersandinevergetwhatweneedinfreeagencybecauseimdumb"



sorry for rambling, i had to vent somewhere, and I would like to discuss more with you guys.

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