Grade for Charger fans - F

Nick Canepa's report card is missing a grade. It's  for the bulk of the Chargers fans , and that grade  should be a big fat "F". It could either stand for Fail or Fairweather.

I'm not embarrassed by the Chargers play,  nor am I  happy with it. But the truth is, this team is two  plays away from being 6-1.

I read through the hundreds of comments on , and the Union Tribune, and they were all fairweather fans saying they're jumping off  the Chargers bandwagon. Other fans looking for blame. Fire this guy, fire that guy. Bench this guy, cut that  one.

Some people were actually asking to bench Rivers, or  trade him to draft Andrew Luck. 

Well here's an idea. Cut yourself, and stop  embarrasing this franchise with your fairweather  stance. Rivers and Hardwick have lost "one" snap in six years.

Rivers has brought 4 playoff games to San Diego in  his time in Bolts . Those four games, win , lose or draw brought millions of dollars to San Diego. He has also won more games in that time than all other AFC west Quarterbacks combined in the division.

So for those so called fans who ask to cut , trade or  Bench Rivers, why dont you route for Oakland? You can celebrate a new quarterback nearly every week, and  you can brag about your most recent Lombardi trophy

 (27 years old).

Chargers fans have been groomed by the media to think  its their birth right to not only win the AFC West  every year, but be a lock for the Superbowl as well.

These high standards are a benchmark for a let down  every season. However, since Norv has been the coach he has gone 25-8 in the division, due mostly in part  to Rivers.

In that time AFC West counterparts have had at least  two coaches, and three quarterbacks each. So, perhaps  the fairweather fan would be happy with the constant  change.

The media has hyped this team beyond belief, and the fans have come to accept it. Now the tide is shifting  the other way, and the weak fans have been caught  with it.

Because of two very unfortunate plays , The Chargers  are sitting 4-3 atop their division instead of 6-1.
Their fans are showing less loyalty than the 2008  Detroit Lions (0-16) fans, and the tricky pens of the  media have swung their praise into criticism.

Even when the Chargers were 4-1, the fans were still outraged.

Nick Canepa graded the Chargers next opportunity as a  "N" against the Packers.
He clarified that the Chargers have "no chance" next  week. Seriously? No Chance!

This is a man who has been reporting for the Chargers  for 35 years. 0% possibility for the Bolts to beat  the Packers at home? Really?

 For a guy who is constantly  complaining about their lack of confidence and focus,  all while claiming to be a fan, how does this help?

I have seen Rivers throw for 436 yards. I have seen  Gates torch defenses for 137 yards, I have seen Jackson catch three touchdowns in a game. I have seen  Floyd and Crayton make miraculous catches. I have  seen this Chargers Defense shut teams down, and hold  good quarterbacks to hundred yard games.

I know the Packers are a great team. I know they will  be hard to beat, and the Chargers need to bring  together a perfect game, and its against the odds.

But the day I think the Chargers have absolutely no  chance to win and my faith is completely gone, I will totally denounce myself a fan, and give my jersey  away.

Yeah there have been some really painful moments for Chargers fans as of late, but there have been some good ones too. Just remember , pain is temporary, and pride is forever. If you need a win EVERY week to stay a fan, route for Boise state.

 In the pro's anything can happen.Any team could win on any given Sunday, and I know this holds true even for the Chargers against Canepa's Packers!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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