Week Five NFL Pick'em Contest

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The Chargers roll into the Mile High City this weekend, looking to expand their lead in the AFC West.  The Chargers coming off a win over the hobbled Dolphins, while the Broncos are still licking their wounds after the beating the Packers gave them. 

Week five, the Lions are still undefeated, while the Colts are win-less?  What kind of bizzaro world is this?  The Packers are also undefeated, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.  So.... who likes Hooters?  Weekly Pick'em winner receives a Wing Party at any of the four Hooters San Diego locations. 

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Eagles (1-3) visit Buffalo (1-3).  The Bills have trouble stopping opposing quarterbacks, and as much as they will try and keep Vick off the field, the man will get his.  Will it be enough to win?  You tell me.

Bengals (2-2) at Jags (1-3).  Another battle of rookie quarterbacks.  It seems like we have one of these each week now.  Dalton has been up and down, but this game will really be Benson vs. MJD. 

Oakland (2-2) travel to Houston (3-1).  In a game that should include a lot of rushing yards, the Raiders will be playing with heavy hearts after the death of long time GM/Owner Al Davis.

Jets (2-2) cruise into New England (3-1).  All signs point to the Patriots having little trouble this week, but that is what most of us thought when the Jets went into NE for the playoffs last season. 

Packers (4-0) shuffle over to Atlanta (2-2).  This is a big game for the Falcons, a team that played great at home last season, they get a chance to show the country that they can compete with the big boys.

Chicago (2-2) roll into Detroit (4-0).  This is a huge game for the Bears as they will try and knock the Lions from the unbeaten ranks.


Home of High Boltage Radio. XTRA Sports 1360 is hosting a season long pick'em contest.  Make sure you jump in for your chance to win some great prizes.  Five players tied with 14 correct picks last week, but it looks like slickness won the tie breaker.  I was 13-3 myself.   Below are my picks for this week.

Tennessee at Pittsburgh    
Seattle at NY Giants    
Cincinnati at Jacksonville    
New Orleans at Carolina    
Oakland at Houston
Philadelphia at Buffalo    
Kansas City at Indianapolis    
Arizona at Minnesota    
Tampa Bay at San Francisco
NY Jets at New England    
San Diego at Denver    
Green Bay at Atlanta    
Chicago at Detroit
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