What's on the menu this Monday Chargers?

What a difference a month makes since these teams played last. Last time the Chargers and Chiefs met, the question was "how many points will the Chargers  win by", and now the question is, who's gonna win the next meeting?

The stakes are a little higher in this one as well.  If the Chiefs do upset the Chargers, there will be a  three way tie in the AFC West rendering the  following:

Raiders  (4-3)
Chargers (4-3)
Chiefs   (4-3)

With an upcoming game against the Packers, I really  hope the Chargers feel some sense of urgency to get a  win in this game. Not that the power poll means much to anyone, but the  Chargers slipped from 5th to 10th in the rankings. The difference in a win and loss on Monday night  could result in a slide another 5 spots this week.

So whats on the menu this week?

 I think most Chargers fans are tired of the games going down to the last  play of the game, its hard on the nerves. With a horrible after taste of the humble pie the Jets served last week, the Chargers fans are really wondering just what kind of team the Chargers are  this season.

Most fans seem undecided between

 ( average but overhyped) , or( great team thats not playing to its  potential).

 So here in week 8 , I think the time is right for a signature game.
Although three point wins are good, it still leaves fans in doubt as to what their team could do. How about a total game? Not just a squeaked out victory.

Chargers fans haven't witnessed a total team victory  yet this year, and Monday night would be the perfect time to showcase it.

A total team win will start at the lines.

 I don't  know which has been more frustrating to watch, seeing   the pressure put on Rivers , or the lack of pressure put on the opposing quarterbacks.

That has to change for the Bolts to be succesful.

If Matt Cassel is allowed the time Sanchez got, the Chargers will get burned again. Butler, Philips and recently activated Darryl Gamble should be all over  Cassel, its time for Manusky to turn up the heat from the Linebackers.

 Utilize Gates and McMichael early

 Eric Berry is out  for the season, getting Gates involved on the first drive will be huge in keeping Rivers upright. If Tamba Hali is guarding a TE, it keeps him out of the backfield.

Go vertical.

 Whats with all the low passes to Floyd  and Jackson lately? crossing routes and inside dive balls? Those guys are 6'5" basketball players,  utilize the vertical game, (see Calvin Johnson/Jimmy  Graham highlights for details).


Bring back the running back dump off pass.

 Tolbert  and Mathews can catch, and are great at acquiring  yards after the catch. Why has this been abandoned?

Try at least one or two new plays.

 Maybe a reverse,  some form of wildcat, or an option play. It just  seems like the Chargers have become too predictable,  Defenses can afford to take gambles against them, and  double cover key players without risk.  

Better clock management.

No, I am not talking about that horrendous collapse  on the two minute drill in New York last week. Im talking about all the false start and delay of games  the Chargers have been getting this season.
Five yards may not seem like a lot, but 3rd and 15  really closes a playbook more than you think.

I'm sure Chargers fans would be satisfied with an  ugly win, but were long overdue for a solid team win.This is the biggest stage the Chargers have  played on this season ( Monday Night Football) , and  its the perfect opportunity to show not only the die  hard Bolts fans, but the nation as well that the  Chargers are in fact a great team!

Time well only tell this Halloween which costume the Chargers will show up in, but  I think this game more than any previous will define them as contenders or pretenders to the league!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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