Chargers Fall to the Jets: Good, Bad, and Ugly

The week leading up to the game was a blast.  Tomlinson and Cromartie facing the Chargers, Rex vs. Norv, and Darrelle Revis practically crying during a radio interview.  Going into this game, I had a hard time finding reasons the Chargers would win, outside of wishful thinking.   With two weeks of preparation and Norv's honor at stake, my hope was this Chargers team would find a way to get the victory.  After jumping out to a quick lead, the Chargers gave me hope.  If only we could win games on hope.

After going into the half 21-10, the Chargers were held scoreless in the second half, while the Jets scored 17 points en route to a 27-21 victory over the bolts. 


Donald Butler - Not only did he have an amazing 37 yard fumble return for a touchdown, but he also lead the team with nine tackles (six solo).  After the touchdown I received a text from my buddy Peter that read... "The Butler did it". 

Quentin Jammer - Five tackles (four solo) and a tackle for loss.  Jammer did a great job limiting Santonio Holmes to only two catches for 24 yards.

Antonio Gates and Randy McMichael - It's obvious that Gates lacks the explosion we have seen in the past, but he did have an impact on the offense.  The two tight ends combined for eight catches, 99 yards, and a touchdown.

Eric Weddle - Six tackles (five solo), a pass defended, and his third interception of the season. 


Bye week - Two weeks of prep time for this game, only to end up with a loss. 

Defensive line - Shonn Greene has been better of late, but not this good.  20 carries for 112 yards, That is 5.6 yards per attempt, Greene's previous high this season was 4.0 against the Patriots.

Vincent Jackson - I realize he was stranded on Revis Island most of the day, but he was targeted eight times and was only able to come up with one catch for 15 yards. 

Richard Goodman - 15 yard face mask penalty that allowed the Jets to start their drive at the NYJ 48 and his ineffectiveness on kickoffs landed him on this list.  Goodman seems insistent on bringing the ball out in hopes of a big return, but more often than not, the team is starting at or near the 20 yard line despite his efforts.  Of players with ten or more kickoff returns in the NFL, Goodman ranks 16th with a 22.7 average, and a long of 31 yards.

Starting position for the Chargers today after Jets' kickoffs - SD 16, SD 13, SD 27, SD 16, SD 23, SD 24


Antoine Cason - I am done making excuses for Cason.  Plaxico Burress has his way with Cason in the red zone, to the tune of three touchdowns.  The last time Burress has multiple touchdowns in a game was 12/29/2007.  The way Cason has played, Marcus Gilchirst could start pushing for starting time sooner rather than later.

Philip Rivers - 16/32 179 TD, 2 INT including a terrible second half.  We can argue those two picks were partly because of the receivers.  How do you defend that last drive?  This is a guy with 14 game winning drives in his career, but today is appeared as though Norv and Rivers didn't know how to run a two minute drill.  This team will go as far as Rivers can take them.  Question of the day... What is wrong with Rivers?

That's the GBU from my end.  Who made your list?

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