Who the heck are these Guys?

As a Charger fan way out of the San Diego area, I am constantly defending the team.
The excuses are endless. Jackson was holding out, Floyd was Hurt, Gates was out.
Rivers wasn't getting good potection. Mathews hasn't found his groove. Tolbert was banged up. The team was tired. Poor play calls, they were too far back to catch up. You know, typical Charger fan talk.


Why can't they ever seem to find momentum anymore?

 what would happen if the Chargers actually fielded Gates, Rivers, Floyd, Mathews, Tolbert, Jackson at the same time? What if Norv came out feisty , and the Chargers had a score to settle with another team. Lets just throw in a bye week for good measure.

Still not enough, okay, how about a strip and runback for a touchdown on the opening drive. How about a Weddle interception on the driving Jets in the end zone. Or perhaps a beautiful Jets touchdown called back for a holding call?

Still not enough? Okay how about an eleven point lead to open the2nd half  and the ball as well.
My thinking was " if they put this ball in the end zone the Bolts go up 18. Being that the Jets outscored the Chargers 17-0 in the second half, that could have been enough.

But, that wasn't in the cards. The Chargers abandoned their talent, and showcased the Jets. The Jets organization also appeared to work something out with head refferee Ron Winter at half time as well.

Winter went on to call horrible penalties on Quentin Jammer on two beautifuly defended passes. As well as multiple zone infractions where the Jets players clearly jumped and provoked the defense. Not to mention not even calling for a measurement when Sanchez was clearly short of a first down, just signaling it.

Although Winter called a hell of a game for the Jets, he shouldn't get all the credit for their victory. The Chargers played down to the team, let them back in the game, then gave them the lead.

Sanchez ( a below average QB at best) , looked like Dan Marino in his prime on most of the third downs. And what he didn't pick up for the Jets, Ron Winter did. That second penalty on Jammercouldn't have possibly been played any better, that would be the text book definition of "Great " Coverage.
As soon as the football hit the ground, so did the yellow flag. My question is , why didn't the red flag?


While Sanchez looked like Marino, Rivers looked like Sanchez( on any other day)!  However, it seems that mediocre players seem to play the game of their lives when facing the Bolts.

So what happens now? Are the Chargers the team we think they can be, or is this a clear showing that we fans have overestimated our team?

The Chargers are a loaded team, and on paper , they look great, but their greatest asset seems to be that they play in a weak division!

I'm a die hard Charger fan, and no doubt I will be rooting for the Chiefs to hang a third loss on the Raiders, but Im pretty concerned that an AFC West title is not for the team who wins the most, just who loses the least.

Because it seems to me that a Championship caliber team would have won that game by 25 points. Now Im gonna go root for the Chiefs, and see if we can still stay in the lead of the AFC West hunt. Hell Yeah, Kinda!!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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