High Boltage Radio Recap - 10/22

For those of you that missed High Boltage Radio on XTRA Sports 1360 today, the podcast is now up for your listening pleasure.  Thanks to John Butchko of ganggreennation.com and Michael Gehlken of NBC San Diego for joining the show.

(Listen/Download both hours here)

Our two hour show is rolling strong, some of the highlights and topics discussed during the show.

  • Good, Bad, and the Ugly from Chargers and the rest of the AFC West
  • Interview with John Butchko of Gang Green Nation.  He said this was a slow week for Jets news!
  • Norv vs Rex talk... plenty of it.  
  • Weekly NFL pick'em selections (you can enter the pick'em contest here).  Plenty of toss up morning games this week.
  • Michael Gehlken came on and told us that Norv is 8-3 coming off a bye week among other nuggets of info, including how he things Gates will be used.
  • I take your Fantasy Football calls and questions, during our HBR fantasy football segment.
  • Wild Wild West - what's going on around the rest of the division
  • I run through my keys to the game vs. the Jets
  • John covers important match ups
  • We finish things off with our weekly bold predictions
  • Player talk - LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, Mark Sanchez, Philip Rivers, Takeo Spikes, Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert, Darrelle Revis, and more
  • All of that and more packed into one show.  Keep an eye out for an HBR podcast during the week.  As always, your comments are welcome in the thread.

    John and I did get into a debate about how Norv changed the offense when he became the head coach.  I say it was Norv's philosophy, John thinks it was out of necessity.  For what it's worth, I attached a chart with the number of pass/run plays per year Norv has called. 

    If I had the time, I would have pulled the numbers for the Chargers when Norv was the OC and after he left.  If you have the time, please feel free to post that info in the thread. 

    Year Pass Run Total Play % of pass
    1994 496 407 903 55%
    1995 521 469 990 53%
    1996 471 467 938 50%
    1997 547 453 1000 55%
    1998 565 401 966 58%
    1999 537 463 1000 54%
    2000 561 445 1006 56% Fired after week 13
    2004 582 327 909 64%
    2005 591 361 952 62%
    2007 471 485 956 49%
    2008 478 421 899 53%
    2009 519 427 946 55%
    2010 544 457 1001 54%
    2011 186 152 338 55%
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