Would Rex have done a better job in SD than Norv?

I guess its the week for controversy at the head coach position  in the NFL. First Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaughs scuffle in Detroit, and now Rex Ryans"Unintentional " shot at Norv Turner.

As probably anyone reading this site would know Rex Ryan ran off at the mouth again in a press conference discussing his upcoming game against the Chargers. Rex Ryan said if he were hired as the coach of the Chargers four years ago, he would have had a couple Superbowl rings by now.

 Interesting proposition, and definitely a shot at Norv Turner, even if unintentional.

Norv actually outclassed and outsmarted Ryan by playing down his remarks , and asking if he would keep those rings with the ones he already promised to win with the New York Jets. Pretty witty on the spot, and Ryan actually admitted that he was one upped by Turner, and dismissed the notion that he was taking a shot at Turner.

So it appears that the problem has been resolved, or at least patched up at this point. No doubt ,the hand shaking at the end of the game will be a lot less dramatic than that of Schwartz and Haarbaugh's.

However it is apparent that Ryan was a little hurt by The Charers overlooking his interview and signing Turner to replace Marty Shottenheimer as the Chargers head coach. In suggesting he could have done a better job adds fuel to the fire.

So what do you think Chargers fans? Could Ryan have got a Lombardi with the talent Norv inherited?

Its a pretty tough debate really. The two guys are polar opposites. Ryan is a defensive strategist which is perhaps top 5 in the game, and Turner is regarded as one of the best offensive minds in the game.

I will give Ryan credit for taking teams with less talent further in the playoffs, but by in large Norv has won  more games in that 4 year span. He also  has three division titles in that time while Ryan has none. 

Turner has a better passing game, Ryan has a better run defense, yadda ,yadda .

They are opposites at pretty much every level, each even take command of their players with far different demeanors, yet their players like them, and give them their all.

Ironically, that character difference is what got Turner hired over  Ryan in San Diego.
Lets face it, Rex Ryan is about as abrasive and confrentational coach as you would find in the NFL.
Norv is pretty low key, go with the flow type of guy.

If A.J Smith is doing the hiring, who do you think is getting the job?

So that leads me to another question, for those of you that think Ryan would have brought a Lombardi  to San Diego, do you think it's time to shop for a new general manager?

 A manager that could collaborate with the likes of a Marty Shottenheimer?
Could this be the management the Chargers Need ?  Some people think that aggressive , fiery confrentational aditude wins championships, it worked for John Gruden, Bill Cowher, and John Madden.

We also know that personality could not co-exist with A.J Smith. Think about it, as good as Ryan's resume is, how do you think Smith would respond to him bringing in Plaxico BurressSantonio Holmes, or Antonio Cromartie for that matter?

So basically, Norv is the guy for the job, and he will be as long as Smith is there.

 I will say one thing about Norv to his credit. He is at his best when he is under attack or his back is to the wall. Playing a winless Dolphins team at home, he's pretty ho-hum, but when he needs to win 3 straight to make the playoffs, he's pretty brilliant.

In closing, I think that Rex Ryans comment is actually going to spark a really creative and strategic even exciting  game plan from Norv , and allow the Chargers to see they hired  the right guy.

San Diego
NY Jets   13

To look back in hindsight, when the Chargers had both Ryan and Turner in their office looking for work, if Ryan was hired as the Defensive coordinator, Norv the Offensive coordinator, and Marty was kept as the head coach, San Diego would have had those rings. 

 Some times fire and ice is the perfect blend!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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