Dear Chargers, SET IT OFF!!!!


There are over 1 million Charger fans now accoding to "Bolt up" drive. Sadly 84% according to polls are not satisfied with the Chargers performance through 6 weeks.

(4-1) !whats their problem, right? Were getting the job done? what do they expect?

We (fans) expect this team to play to its potential. Here's your shot.

The Chargers fans really need you to go in and kick the New York Jets ass!! No, not play down to them. No , not squeak out a victory. No, we need you to kick their asses bad!!

You see, Chargers fans got set back a decade against the playoff loss against the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. At our home. After 11 straight wins. With all players healthy. against a 9-7 team! In Great weather! After A bye week.
The Chargers  were robbed!!! Not a week, Not a Seaon " A DECADE!!!

Wait, let me re-state that. The Chargers "fans" were robbed!! That was our turn.That was our house ! That was our money!
 We want redemption!!

One word describes the essence of the  team that beat them.


Let me go on record as saying " Darelle Revis could NEVER cover Vincent Jackson ! EVER!! He will never take a pass away from Vincent Jackson at over 11 feet in the air EVER!!  Philip Rivers knows this, so does Jackson and Revis. CAPATALIZE!!!

Cromartie can't cove Malcom Floyd for that matter. Back to Revis.

We all saw the interview right? A pudgy chubby cheeked Revis gloating on how he shut down Ochocinco, Andre Johnson, and Randy Moss that year. Guess who didn't buy it? Vincent Jackson (8 catches 115 yards)!

Great game right? So what was Jackson remembered for? an arrest before the game ? A flag? A penalty? What I remember was Jackson kicking Revis' ass up and down the field.

But Jackson got flagged for kicking the Challenge flag at Rex Ryan! Right? That's horrible , isn't it ?


Thats great! I actually searched google images for this picture. I would love to have it on my wall. I'd frame it! Thats Pride Folks!! Stupid penalty? 15 yards? Who gives a crap? That is pride that has never been seen in San Diego! Shaun Philips headbutt? 15 yards?? I Salute it!!  This is exactly what the Chargers NEED to win games! Pride!

Before I lose you. The games leading receiver was Jackson, the games leading tackler was Phillips, and No, it was'nt even close.!


Were  Cromartie and Tomlinson playing for the Jets that playoff game? Common sense says no, but is there a little irony that each player totally played a crap game, and within an offseason wound up on the (Jets)?

 Lets see , Tomlinson 14 carries for 21 yards? Really??This is a guy who was dying to win the Superbowl? Cromartie, absolutely refused to tackle. Refused!!
Nate Kaeding? Well that's another story.Memo to Chargers staff,  guard Nick Novak as soon as he lands at LaGuardia Airport, please!

The last Game:

Jackson " smoked" Revis. Smoked him

Gates, beat the Jets Linebackers all day

No running game.
Mathews( college), Tolbert, 0 snaps.
Could play a factor


Darren Sproles? The missing link. The guy played a great game for the bolts. 3 Carries 33 yards. (Misprint? Nope).
Sproles averaged eleven yards per carry, and only had his number called ( THREE) times! So much for the hot hand, Norv actually benched him for a guy that was averaging 1.1 yards per carry ! PUKE!!!


Philip Rivers 301 yards vs Mark Sanchez 99 yards !

 Really ?

Let's get one thing perfectly clear, Sanchez is not nearly good as Rivers backup( Billy Volek), and he never will be!

So what are the Chargers left with after that loss?

Regrets? Bad Memories? Loss of faith?

Philip Rivers drove his truck for an entire year with a customized sticker on the back of his window which read (17-14) , to remind him daily of the Chargers defeat in that playoff game .

Vincent Jackson's 115 Yards were overshadowed by his " Stupid" Challenge flag kicking at the "Kool Aid" man" ( Ryan), And Shaun Philips was ridiculed for his "stupid" headbutt on Shonn Green! Salute these men, if all 45 players  had this pride, the game would have been a blow out in the 2nd quarter!!

Ironically , as a Charger fan, these are the only three Chargers that I forgive for that loss. They hurt as bad as we fans did. They crossed the lines which are rarely crossed in the NFL (Money to pride), and they hurt with us.

But, as an investor in the team, through merchandise, ticket sales concessions etc..(3200 annually) the rest of you "Chargers " owe us. And Yourselves!


Here's the shot at redemption!


 Put yourself on the maps and power rankings. Get your fans some redemption, and really kick the Jets ass. Im not talking by 3-10 points, I mean 20+ points. For once play to the teams potential, and give your fans back the pride the Jets stole Jan 17 , 2010.

I know, I know. Its not all about that. Its all strategy . X'S And O's . Game plans. Equations, matchups, and scenarios!

Well, here's an equation for you Norv

(Chargers fan + $ 350 = 9 Year old kid, (Jets team plus Rex Ryan = 14 year old Bully, who stole the money and beat up 9 year old)
Chargers team = 17 year old older brother fresh out of boxing/ Karate class, lets get our money back ,comprendes? Twenty points plus!

Put this team on the  map. Get some validation, and give not only this team, but its million plus fan base something to believe in.

You see, we are getting tired of the press conferences telling us how good " other" teams are.
We have something pretty good here in San Diego, and ( as investors) , we're getting tired of this " move to Los Angeles talk!!

Chargers players, you're fans are hungry, and it's been over 500 days ( Jan 16 2010) since we've been full! Win this one for us! DESTROY THE JETSIts your Duty!!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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