Time for the Chargers to turn up the heat!

The Chargers are off to another slow start. No , I'm not talking about the record. (4-1) is great, but is this really a (4-1) team?

If the Chargers played the Packers, Bears, Patriots, Lions and Jets their first 5 weeks what would their record be? Maybe (1-4), (2-3)?

With those teams on the upcoming schedule, have the Chargers got better? My guess would be no.

Okay, the Bolts got a lucky first quarter schedule. Great start (4-1) coming into a bye week, so why are the Chargers fans bummed out? What makes them different from the other elite teams? The Patriots, Packers , Saints,or Steelers?

Well, to answer that, a few things come to mind, Let me list them:

1. All other elite teams have won a Super Bowl title. 2. All other elite teams sell out ALL home games and avoid blackouts. 3. Other elite teams aren't in discussion to be moved to Los Angeles.

Simply put, the Chargers time in the spotlight has come and gone. It was their " Turn" to win it all for the past 10 years, and quite frankly, a lot of their fans have jumped off the band wagon.

Obviously, those reading on this site are die hard followers of the team, I am talking about mass appeal.

But, even to us die hards, it is still a little aggrevating to watch the Chargers barely win games against teams such as ( when Chargers played them):

Vikings (Winless) Chiefs ( Winless) Dolphins ( Winless) Broncos (1-3)

So when the Chargers escape by one score wins and act happy about it , Chargers fans faith drops quicker than a groupies panties at an after party.

Would we expext the Packers to be excited and Giddy by beating a crap Bronco team on the last play of the game after relinquishing a 16 point lead? No, didn't think so.

What about Manny Pacquiao Overjoyed by going to the cards and squeaking out a points victory against a winless fighter? Nope.

So why would the Chargers be elated by escaping with a win in a game that was well in hand?

The reason is because the Chargers dont have a killer instict. They play down to other teams, and keep everyone else in it.

If the Chargers have a 16 point lead, their game plan should be" Hey, lets make it a three score game, and put this thing away, rest our starters , and coast.

However, the Chargers seem to regress in the drivers seat, both offensively and defensively. Norv Turner will not play to his strength, he will run the ball up the middle every time, and pray the clock runs out.

If his starting running back goes off on crutches( Mathews) , and his second running back goes out with a concussion( Tolbert), he will run the wheels off his third running back ( Hester.

He will ignore the fact that he has guys named Crayton, Rivers , Jackson and Floyd in the huddle. He will forget what got him the 16 point lead. He will run the clock down, and forget about making first downs.

He will give the ball back to the opponent, with ample time , and nursung a 5 point lead just hoping against the clock. Could you imagine Madden , Cowher, or Lombardi doing that?

Unfortunately The Defensive coordinator ( Greg Manusky) follows suit, and falls into a prevent defense. This is just as bad. Rushing 3 guys against a 6 man front will make a below average quarterback ( Tebow) ,look like Joe Montana in his prime. It's disgusting.

Lets get two things perfectly clear: 1. Prevent defense stops NOTHING! 2. prevent defense only prevents the Chargers OFFENSE from taking the field.

Greg Manusky should completely abandon this strategy in every portion of his game plan!

I sure hope these guys realize there is a big difference in " Playing to win" , and " Playing not to lose". I think every body knows the Chargers are " Playing not to lose! Guess what guys, if you get to the playoffs, it wont be against " The Dolphins, Chiefs, and Vikings.

A bye week is great! Rest your guys, heal your guys, and relax. But when you come back, come back swinging. A 20 point win against the Jets would make the statement this team needs to make. And for goodness sakes, start protecting Rivers!

Chargers need to switch up the play calling, and stop being so predictable. The team actually has the speed and talent to run the wildcat, reverses, flea flickers, and keep the defense guessing. I counted 6 straight openings of drives where the chargers started with a run up the middle. Its about as predictable as snowfall in an Alaskan winter.

Its time to let this team loose. Stop with the timid " hang on for dear life' play calling . Open it up! The Chargers have the Jets, Packers and Raiders coming up, and its time to start playing to win, and building the teams confidence, instead of making them feel they lucked out to squeak by crap teams.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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