Approval Rating: Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson was drafted 61st overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 2nd round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He was a raw talent with #1 Wide Receiver potentially who just needed some coaching and experience against top competition. After 3 years of learning the ropes, he had a breakout season in 2008. It was his first 1,000 yard season and he finished 4th in DYAR and 2nd in DVOA among WRs with at least 50 targets. In 2009 he built on that with another 1,000 yard season, another 2nd place finish in DVOA, a 2nd place finish in DYAR (#1 in the AFC) and his first Pro Bowl invite. He also provided one of the best moments of the season with his touchdown catch against the New York Giants. Then, despite a shortened season in 2010 where he only put up 248 yards receiving, he still had a DVOA on par with his previous 2 seasons.

However, Vincent Jackson's time with the Chargers is not just about stats, Pro Bowls and game winning catches. In 2006, he was arrested, charged with and plead guilty to driving under the influence. Then in 2009, a few days before playing a playoff game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was arrested again for the same crime. He plead guilty to that charge as well. He topped that by getting detained by the police on game ay of a 2010 playoff game for driving with a suspended license. In that same game he lost his cool and kicked a challenge flag earning him an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a key moment. For his off-the-field transgressions Jackson was suspended for 3 games to start the 2010 season. Then, to make things more interesting, he held out for a better contract and missed all but the final four games of that same season.

Today, he stands to become a free agent once this offseason gets underway. The rumors are that he'll likely have the franchise tag place on him. That would make him a pricey rental for the 2011 season or simply just a asset to hold on to and deal to the highest bidder. Either way, his career his at a crossroads. Where do you stand?

Year G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD
2005 7 3 59 8.4 19.7 21 0
2006 16 27 453 28.3 16.8 55 6
2007 16 41 623 38.9 15.2 45 3
2008 16 59 1008 68.6 18.6 60 7
2009 15 68 1167 77.8 17.2 55 9
2010 4 14 248 62.0 17.7 58 3

Vincent Jackson

#83 / Wide Receiver / San Diego Chargers



Jan 14, 1983

Northern Colorado

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