Following a Legend: Season One, Chapter Three




LaDainian Tomlinson. The most well known Charger of our time. After 9 seasons of a prolific career, a legend is replaced by a promising rookie in Ryan Mathews, who only wants to be like his predecessor, a tall if not near impossible order to follow. Holding the football between his number 24, he will carry a team that strives to balance a running game around superstar quarterback Philip Rivers.

Mathews did not play in this week's loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Mike Tolbert took his place and continued the streak of Charger Running backs fumbling the football in the first quarter.

While on the sidelines, Mathews managed 18 frowns and 8 smiles while sitting down 9 times before standing up again. He paced up and down the sideline for approximately 132 yards during the game while bumping into 17 players and coaching staff members. He waved 4 times to fans in the stands and ate no hot dogs while on the bench.*

3 fumbles, and two picks. What a sloppy game. I actually had nightmares about it. Totally serious. I dreamed about the special teams woes. Except it was John Madden calling the game, not Fouts. And I was on the sidelines screaming my head off. Maybe it was the continuous facepalms and headscratching I was doing while watching the game, or maybe it was the Southern Comfort spiked Coca Tea I was drinking, but I don't like having nightmares about my beloved team.

On the the subject though. At Miami, Tomlinson would be facing one of the best defenses in the league, but he managed to do a pretty good job, and got his first TD of the season. His first carry was hilarious. Paul Soliai, the 350 pound behemoth on the Dolphins line, absolutely owned Mr. Highest paid Center in the NFL, Nick Mangold. As soon as he snapped the ball, he was drilled backwards and straight into LT's running lane. One yard loss on the play.  Other notable runs were a pitch he ran up for 21 yards, a rare power iso run for 10 yards, and an off tackle run for 18 yards. I also noticed that Cris Collinsworth spent way too much time talking about him. Like Madden used to do with JWall. I also loved watching Cromartie play like he's allergic to tackling and falling on the ground trying to stop someone. He plays like it's touch football. Seriously.

Final Tally for his carries: -1,0,5,10,0,21,2,8,-2,4,2,18,2,0,1TD

15 Carries for 70 yards, 1 TD.

Season Totals through 3 games (2 for Mathews)

Carries Yards Avg TDs Rec Yards Avg TDs Fum
Mathews 24 101 4.2 0 3 31 10.3 0 2
Tomlinson 37 208 5.6 1 9 60 6.7 0 0


Congratulations are in effect as Tomlinson became just the 5th player ever to record 12,000 rushing yards and 4,000 receiving yards


* Unverified information. Citations needed.



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