Why AJ is a Sith Lord

Let me start by saying the following article is not my work.  However, it is the work of a genius.  I joked about getting permission to plaster this all over the Internet, and he (perhaps foolishly) agreed.  I don't like straying from the technical aspect of analysis, and generally leave the front office discussions to those much smarter than I.  This was written by just such a man.  I reprint here unedited (John, please edit as necessary, with notation).  Enjoy:


Let me also add concerning the timing on VJ discussion ...

As I've stated in the past, and I know this is in full disagreement with Florio and the other NFL pundits (and possibly some of you), the best deal for VJ will occur after the season starts. I don't care about the 3 game or 6 game suspensions.

We hold VJ's rights. VJ is a great receiver but a dumb ass off the field. I've read reports that the Chargers decided he was not in their long term plans after he was arrested the morning of the Jet's playoff game for driving too fast and without a license. Short term for $3.5 mil (yes).

Let's take a huge leap and assume that I negotiate things for a living and I'm good. As an experienced negotiator I know that I'm not going to get a deal done until the other side has experienced enough pain to cave into my demands. Its simple. So here we sit in the preseason, teams are loaded with potential talent and everybody is optimistic.

The team to which we may trade VJ, is currently sitting fat and happy right now figuring out who their No. 2 through 4 receivers are going to be. Sure, there are 5-6 teams that would love to have a discussion to know what VJ wants and explore a deal ... but like the Seahawks, very few are willing to sell their left nut (at this time).

VJ and his agents are also sitting at home believing somebody will come knocking and there is already interest from 4-5 teams, if only they could talk to those teams. They know VJ has value and (right now) they have no intention of making a deal that pays him less than their estimate of his value. Agent's are like car salesman ... "there is an a$s for every seat"

August 26th - Nobody is in pain yet. A little discomfort, but no pain.

Fast forward to the start of the season:

Team A loses its number 2 WR for the season in the 2nd game. 3 games into the season Team B realizes its No. 1 and 2 might not even start for the St. Jean High school Co-Ed Flag Football team. Team C, with legitimate playoff hopes loses its No. 1 to an injury that will sideline the player for at least 8 weeks.

VJ is watching the NFL start and he is on his butt eating bon-bons. The Chargers are playing well without him. He is a competitor and its killing him ... thank God for his bottle of Jack / Schnapps / Scotch or whatever his drink of choice is.

What we have now is PAIN - teams will be willing to give the Chargers more and VJ will be willing to take less.

There is a bonus to waiting (especially because VJ has a 3 game suspension and possibly another 3 games because of the roster exempt list). Assuming VJ's team strikes a discounted deal in principal with Team X, the Chargers now can bring VJ his Agent and Dean together and Dean can do his "awww shucks, we really want you to be with the Chargers ... business is business ... but how about we match the offer and you can retire with the team that drafted and believed in you from the beginning ... your friends are here ... your house is here ...stay here ... all is forgiven"

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Me again.  On a totally unrelated, though humorous note, when I read the all caps "PAIN" I can't help but read it in the voice of Clubber Lang from Rocky III.  For those culturally deprived, it is the scene where Mr. Lang is asked for a prediction regarding his upcoming bout with Mr. Balboa.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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