Greetings from Arrowhead Pride!

Hey guys,


My name is SoCalChief17, and I'm a Chiefs fan living in SoCal, like many of you! Now I know there are a lot of different emotions running through both of us right about now, and I'd like to clear the air and say that I'm not here to bicker or fight with you. Instead, I'm here to ask you questions, and to take questions from you guys.


We all know what happened today. Kansas City scraped a win out in Arrowhead against Denver, and the Chargers somehow fumbled away a loss to Oakland. Many people expected Kansas City to lose today, but you had to be a real optomist if you had the Raiders upsetting the Chargers. Not that the Raiders are a bad team this year (they've beat both of our teams already), it's just that we all know how crazy good the Chargers are in December and how we expected them to keep their streak up.


Here are the AFC West standings as of tonight, December 5th, at 11:01 PM:

Chiefs: 8-4

Raiders: 6-6

Chargers: 6-6

Broncos: 3-9


As you can see, the top three teams are still very much in contention for the playoffs, even if Kansas City has a two game advantage. Plenty of things can change in the month of December. I think we can all agree that the biggest game of the season thus far takes place next sunday at 1 PM.


Should the Chiefs beat the Chargers next weekend, Kansas City can pull away from the AFC West race, especially if the Raiders lose. If San Diego can pull off a win, they pull back within one game of the AFC West championship. I have a feeling it's going to be a great game, one that I will certainly be in attendance for!


I'm sure a few of you are already heated readin this, so we'll go ahead and cut to the chase. Here are a few questions I'd like answered, if possible:


1) How do you beat the Chargers? On Monday Night Football in the beginning of the season, Dexter McCluster ran a punt back, Jamaal Charles made Eric Weddle look silly on a 56 yard touchdown run, and Matt Cassel hit Tony Moeaki on the goalline. We ran the ball effectively, but had little to no passing game. This game made me question Matt Cassel and everything Charlie Weis was doing to fix the quarterback. I know that San Diego doesn't have the best special teams, but we can't rely on another returned kick or long punt/kick returns all game. Would we be better off running the ball against you guys or passing the ball? Do we go for the deep ball or the quick slants? Inside runs or outside runs?


2) How are injuries affecting your team? I know that Gates has been banged up, though I did notice him catching a touchdown pass in the game today, possibly one of your only bright moments all day. Vincent Jackson was expected to miss at least two weeks, what are the odds we see him starting against Kansas City this weekend? I also heard that Sproles got smacked around a bit today and is recovering from a concussion. I haven't heard any reports indicating how severe it was, has anyone else?


3) What will the home field advantage be like? I know it won't compare to Arrowhead on Monday Night, but will there be enough fans to make a difference in the stands? How are your ticket sales this season? Do opposing teams fare well on the road against SD?


4) Lastly, what will make or break this game? You guys had the number one offense and defense going into the Raider game. What about now? If there is one aspect of the game that you will not win, what will it be?

 Like I said guys, I'm not here to fight or bicker. If you wanna get into a bit of trash talking its all good. Ask away :)

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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