Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #83


John Burke, TE

Mike Carter, WR

Robert Claiborne, WR

Andre Coleman, WR-KR

Bruce Davis, WR

Willie Frazier, TE

Steve Heiden, TE

Trumaine Johnson, WR

Dave Kocourek, TE

Larry Mialik, TE

Josh Norman, TE

Bobby Shaw, WR

Joe Sweet, WR

Wesley Welker, WR


When this series is over (finally), and we look back, it’s very possible that 83 will be remembered as one of the most hotly contested of all the Jersey numbers.  But one thing I can say unequivocally: its timing couldn’t be better.


The Candidates

Vincent Jackson, WR

Okay, let’s get the Vincent Jackson talk about of the way.  No matter what side of the VJ fence you fall on, you’d have to admit it sure has been fun watching him blossom and develop over these years.  Is it enough to win a Golden Jersey?  Well, the numbers are pretty good.  Maybe not career worthy.  But he has certainly played at a high level for some very good teams.  Teams that probably could have gone far if people didn’t do stupid things like kick a challenge flag… Oh… Right… That was him.  Anyway, moving on!


Anthony Miller, WR

Miller did not have the good fortune to play as many great teams (only one playoff team in 6 seasons as a Charger), but he definitely put up the best numbers.  Four seasons of more than 60 receptions, three seasons of over 1000 yards, and four Pro Bowls.


John Jefferson, WR

There’s not much you can say about John Jefferson that isn’t encapsulated in the words "Air Coryell."  No one defines the early days of Air Coryell quite as distinctly as JJ – not even Dan Fouts.  But… well, we all know where the story goes from here.  Contract dispute, holdout, trade to Green Bay, career suicide, Wes Chandler, the legacy of Air Coryell.  To the Chargers credit – and to Jefferson’s discredit – the Chargers didn’t miss a beat without him.  But who’s to say what the team would have accomplished with him?  Who’s to say how many more iconic highlights he would have left behind?  Diving one-handed catches, rolling into the end zone.


There are viable reasons for any of the three.  Miller’s run was longer, but there’s not much "legacy" to it.  VJ’s legacy is still being written, and may be the best of all – but it’s tainted.  JJ is the most iconic – but he only lasted 3 seasons, and the fallout was bitter (yet replaceable).  So the choice is yours.  Wear your preferences on your sleeve.  Feel free to comment and stir the debate.  This will probably be the last best shot of this series.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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