SDB's Defensive line Analysis- Chargers vs 49ers


This is what happens when you don't double team El Toro. 49ers QB Alex Smith learned the hard way that using a single blocker on DE Luis Castillo is like using a Cattle Prod on a charging bull. It will only anger him. DE Jaques Cesaire looks on. Pic via

For the Second week in a row, Ron Rivera's defense shut down an opponent and unleashed a gameplan that worked to near perfection. Although they threatened once, the 49ers were shut out for 3 and a half quarters of football. It took them 9 drives, or 44 plays to finally score in garbage time against mostly a preseason squad. Lets take a look at some wonderful bullet points of defensive dominance regarding the 49er offense.


  • 4 of 10 drives resulting in 3 and outs
  • Only 2 drives reached San Diego red zone
  • 2 of 12 third down efficiency (17%)
  • 0 of 3 fourth down efficiency (0%)


More bullets and the D-line analysis after the jump.


  • 3.7 yards gained per pass play
  • 192 total net yards (19.2 yards per drive average)
  • Only 6 plays allowed to go over 10 yards
  • 6 different players with a sack on Alex Smith

Click here for the Analysis

This game had Near perfect playcalling once again. Only one bad playcall all game, and it didn't lead to any points. Antonio Garay was uncharacteristically poor against the run overall. Antwan Applewhite was worse than he's been all year. On the other hand, the usually average Jacques Cesaire was great against the run. Kevin Burnett's pass rush score is really high but only because he blitzed just 3 times, however he was successful all 3 times. Big thumbs up to Antwan Applewhite covering Vernon Davis very well throughout the game. There were 9 total Blitzes called by Ron Rivera. They weren't that necessary since after the half it was clear the 49ers couldn't throw very well.

Figure A- The Bull twist Blitz. Watch Castillo draw 2 blockers inside for Burnett to shoot free.

Figure B- Watch Cesaire.



Figure 1 and 2



End Analysis. Leave any questions and comments below. Recs are appreciated if you appreciate the work. Thanks to Orz for the videos.

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