Charger rumors: all you L.A. douchebags are getting way ahead of yourselves


As you can tell by the title of this post I have nothing but contempt for the city of Angels and the people who live there. L.A. is the city of smog, traffic, crime, paparazzi, wannabe gangsters and fake, worthless people who only care about image. It represents everything that is wrong with Southern California. I've lived in both San Diego and Los Angeles and there is no comparison as far as quality of life is concerned between the two cities. Like many of you, I woke up on Tuesday morning to the "news" that 35% of the Chargers had been sold to Phillip Anschutz and that it was merely a formality before the moving trucks showed up to take the team to L.A.

My initial reaction was anger. I was ready to break out the Molotov cocktails and march on city hall. I wanted to go and burn down Donna Frye's house and then find Mike Aguirre and kick the living crap out him. I wanted to start a riot in the Gaslamp. I was thinking about chaining myself to something in front of Charger headquarters and going on a hunger strike. Then the anger subsided, rationality took hold and I actually looked at some of the articles being written on the subject. Every single piece was based on the same dubious source - Toronto-based sports personality Bob McCown of the Fan 590. The more I read the less sense it made. Here are some of the questions I began to ponder:

Why would some radio host in Canada be privy to the inner dealings between two private parties doing a business deal in America?

Why do all the links for the source take you to a web site that seems to be entirely Hockey news?

Why did everyone run with this story without doing any fact-checking or substantiating? There's not even a full quote from Bob McCown - all the initial article says is "Has or will purchase" and "Apparently" in quotes with no reference to who, what, where or when.

Why has Bob McCown not said anything further on this matter, like where he got this information from?

So after parsing through all the BS, here is what we have: some guy on a Canadian radio station who doesn't cite any sources said the Chargers might be sold and move to L.A. That is what this whole uproar was about? That is what ruined my Tuesday morning? We all got worked up over nothing?

Of course the threat of a possible relocation to L.A. is real and just because this story seems to be hogwash it doesn't mean that the Chargers are safe and secure in San Diego. The bottom line is that we need to get a new stadium built here or they will eventually leave. Hopefully this scare motivates the politicians to get their act together and get something done on that front.  As for all the people in L.A., you guys don't deserve the Chargers. You didn't support your teams when you had them, I see no evidence that you would now. Face reality - you guys are way more useful to the league without a team than with one. The league uses your city and the threat of relocation to blackmail other cities into building new stadiums. You guys are just bargaining chips, hostages and pawns. And douchebags.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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