#reelinacertaintypeofway: 49ers at Chargers


We begin our review of the 49ers contest with the signature play of the game, a 4th down goal line stop featuring Brandon Siler unblocked for the tackle behind the line of scrimmage.  There were many other unsung heros along the defensive line creating a nice 1 on 0 matchup for B Si.  Honestly, it looks like three other Chargers could have made the stop in time.

We'll keep the focus on the defensive side of the ball for a bit.  Next we have a big third down sack by Antonio Garay.  This play was interesting to me because typically the D-line implodes the pocket so the the outside pass rush can clean up; but in this case things worked out exactly opposite of that game plan.

To wrap up the defensive side of the highlights we have the Antwan Barnes sack dance.  You don't want to see the want to see his TERRIBLE sack dance!  It really gets better and better every time you watch it... just not in a good way.

There were many requests for the nearly blocked punt in the post game thread.  The more interesting part of this play to me is the ending where Scifres quite simple has a rough day at the office.  I don't know what's up with Ted Ginn throwing the ball at Mike, and I really don't know how he got away with it.  If you want to assign blame for the nearly blocked punt, it looks like it should go to our LS, Windt.

Now let's turn the attention to the offensive side of the ball.  I can't think of a better way to describe this clip other than: "Mike Tolbert: Beast Mode."  He chucked a safety aside like he was nothing while a linebacker was hanging onto  his legs.

Hats off to Norv Turner for going for this 4th and short right down on the goal line.  This goes right along with John's theory that Norv is only ever ballsy when he has nothing to lose.  Prior to this play, Rivers was pretty demonstrative about going for it, and I know he would have thrown a fit if Norv had ordered a figgie here.  The play-by-play guy points out that they ran this play right behind Dielman.  I love the block by Hester on this one.

At this point I'm going to throw in the shove that got Justin Smith ejected from the game.  It's already been discussed a bit, so I thought I would throw it in just in case there's anymore debate left in that topic.  The short version is that rules are rules.

There was a play in the 2nd quarter where Jammer ripped the ball out and Weddle may have recovered it, but the ruling on the field was a tackle out of bounds.  I really thought Norv should have challenged this call.  The ball is CLEARLY out of the ball carrier's hands; I think the questionable part was whether or not Weddle was in bounds when he caught it.  Either way it was definitely worth a challenge with a lead, late in the 2nd quarter, with one positive challenge already in the books.


To wrap up this weeks edition of #reelinacertaintypeofway, we have a sequence where VJ's third and final touchdown is confirmed by review, and his reaction along with those of his teammates is shown in rapid succession.  I propose that we have some caption contest fun with this clip.

VJ: Phew! I'm guaranteed 50 million after tonight, I'm set for life!

Norv: It's been a pleasure coaching you, good luck with some other foolish overspending team.

Big Mac: See! It worked! Holdouts FTW!



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