Superduperboltman's Week 11 D-line analysis Chargers vs Broncos


That guy right there! 95! Don't let him sack me! Please!


I was going to shorten my name to SDBM, but some dyslexic readers may interpret that differently. This is a family site after all, right Richard? Back to football!

This week's game had some fans concerned after the first drive Touchdown that looked like the 2007 Patriots offense versus the 1976 Buccaneers  defense, but it was all strategy. See, Ron Rivera wanted Belichick Junior to feel über confident that his #2 Offense could rip through the #2 Defense. Of course, Ron wasn't gonna have any of that. So when Josh McDaniels showed his two pair, Ron dropped the Full house and didn't let the Bronco offense get anywhere near his defense's red zone until McD ran out of hope. Check out these great stats:

  • 1 of 12 on third down
  • 4.1 yard gain per play
  • 9 punts forced
  • 9 of 12 posessions under 20 net yards (6 under 10)
  • 16 total first downs allowed (5 in prevent defense 4th quarter)

Sound like a top defense to you? If not, here are a few more.

  • Longest run play: 12 yards
  • Longest pass play: 21 yards
  • Only one 20+ yard play allowed.
  • 5 sacks on a QB sacked twice per game on average.
  • Lowest yards per attempt all year for Orton, 3rd lowest QB rating.
  • Lowest QB rating and passing yards total if you exclude Garbage time plays in 4th quarter.

If Defense wins championships, the Chargers have a championship caliber defense this year. Hopefully, they can keep up the good work. Lets break down the front 7, shall we?

Click Here for the Analysis

The Charger defense had a great game. Strangely, the pass rush wasn't as outstanding as it seemed, though still great. There were a lot of heads-up plays, and good coverage downfield gave them a chance. However, they were great when they had to be and that's what's important. Being good on third down and forcing them to be one-dimensional had a big effect. Ron Rivera did an amazing job coaching this defense and calling plays. Give him a lot of credit for perfect playcalling and organizing the defense. 

Stephen Cooper had his best overall game of the year. I learned that I don't like Cason in underneath zones. He's more of a balanced cover corner. I also think Cam Thomas played very well. He played the run like a pro, and he did good containing the pocket. I think he wants more playing time. If it's true he had problems with work ethic, it didn't show. If he continues to play hard like he did Monday, he'll remain on the team.

Sunday will be a true test for both the pass rush and the secondary. Manning, like Rivers, can pick you apart. If the pass rush can play hard at the right times, and the secondary not give up big plays or first downs, Peyton Manning can and will be held under 250 yards. 

Figure 1 - Figure 2 - Figure 3 

Figure A (unrelated) -  Figure B (unrelated) 

Leave questions and comments below. Recs are appreciated if you appreciate my work.

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