Twitter Profile: Antonio Garay

After finally caving to the foosebooks last year, I broke down this summer and created a twitter account to keep up to date with San Diego Chargers news.  So far, I've managed to limit the damage to only following Chargers players and newsmakers (such as BFTB, the silver fox, and various XX1090 personalities).  It's felt a little bit creepy peering into the twitterverse and seeing star athletes open up their personal lives to anyone that can click "follow."  By far my favorite Charger tweeter has got to be Nose Tackle Antonio Garay.  You can tell from Garay's tweets that his relentless positivity is genuine (for forced positivity see VincentTJackson) and his humor is a blast.


The new "What it do?" for 2010 is #feelinacertaintypeofway for the Chargers team and failthful; a meme brought into the world by Garay.  It all started in the first week of September when Garay was obviously trying to rustle up some twitter fun with his fellow defensive lineman:

@ is feelin a certain type of way since he cut his dreads off but left a partial piece of a dread behind his ear that he calls Darla.

@ is feelin a certain type of way after watchin the blockbuster movie Godzilla & realized the main character Godzilla died...

@ is feelin a certain type of way after watching his interview on tv today because he then realized his tv was off the entire time.

@ is feelin a certain type of way right now cause he will never be Anderson Cooper... Are we still making you laugh... Lmao

Jacques Cesaire got @ feelin a certain type of way right now...

@ is feelin a certain type of way right now cus of his mistaken pocket tweeting...

And then on September 3rd, the hash tag was born.

@ u'll be if Dielman, Green & Dombrowski showed up at ur job in full pads feelin a certain type of way

Since this time, many players and fans have started using the phrase to mean whatever they have needed to express.  If and when the Chargers make a push for the playoffs, I fully expect a Nike video to feature Garay and the phrase.  In any case, we need to spread this phrase as a rally cry for this team this season.  Making the playoffs after a 2-5 start will have us all #feelinacertaintypeofway! 

As I said above, his serious side has about as much authenticity as you could expect with the limited vehicle of a 140 character tweet.

I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.

Takin care of business... Always grindin... All day, every day.

If you shoot for the stars don't settle for moon... I'm working on my spaceship... Don't stay grounded get your skywalker on...

Woke up cus today is GAMEDAY!! You know what time it is... GAME TIME!!! Time to SET THE TONE!!! -1UP

If yesterday is the past, and tomorrow is a mystery, then I highly suggest you treat today as a present... I know I will.

Working on my Tai Chi while drinking a Thai Tea... "Be water, my friend."

rule #101 By telling someone that they ain't real doesn't make you any less fake...

"Man I love my team. Man I love my team... I would die for these...CHARGERS... Oooohh" (In my Drake voice)

One of Garay's running jokes is to make fun of how much weight actors would have to gain in order to play NFL lineman.

@ It is said that Seal is gaining 230 pounds to star in the Lifetime movie base on The Life and Football of Ogemdi Nwagbuo...

@ is bout the delay in Blind Side 2 cus all current black actors in Hollywood have 2 gain 150 + lbs

@ is cus John Henry will b playin him on a made 4 tv special

So twitter virgins, has Antonio Garay got you #feelinacertaintypeofway yet?  You too can stalk keep up with chargers players and news.  Suuuuure you can keep it casual.  One of uuuus, one of uuuuusssss!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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