Superduperboltman's D-Line Analysis Week 5: San Diego at Oakland

This Series will focus on grading the Defensive front on every play throughout the year to see who's good, who's great, who needs to be replaced, and who did how well on any given play. Enjoy!

For Defensive ratings, Players are given one of 3 ratings, with a few half ratings when the player action goes in between. Here are the ratings: 2- given to a player who is either a) double teamed and holds POA (point of attack) b) able to shed block and make a sack, TFL (tackle for loss), pass TA (throw away) or SNG (stop for no gain). 1- given to a player who a) makes a tackle on contact point or gap responsibility after a yardage gain b) sheds block and redirects offensive player c) collapses lane d) hurries a throw. 0- given to a player who is a) driven away, or defeated in any manner b) penalized. The system is more helpful for running plays. For passing plays, players get a 1 for successfully containing the pocket if they have to. If there is no rating, player was not involved in front line and dropped into coverage or was away from the play. Players will be identified by number with their score below their name. At the end will be a total average score for all players.

 Check out the results after the jump.

I disagree with John's comment about Rivera's playcalling being horrible this game. The first half, I give the playcalling an A. In the first half, Ron Rivera's Defense forced 3 straight 3 and outs. They also allowed only two field goals. The second half became rough for many reasons. The playcalling I rate a B-, and player execution a D. After a 3 and out and a 4 and out, a 58 yard completion on 3rd and 4 set up the Raiders in FG range, and a few blown coverages later, they had a TD. Later, a penalty extended another drive, and a bad read by Shaun Phillips extended another one. Phillips struggled mightily the second half, and it had a lot to do with the Raiders success. He is the primary playmaker on the defense, and when he struggles, the whole team does. Here's the final chart numbers.


Player 54 56 71 74 76 90 91 93 95 96 99
1st Half 0.5 0.6 1.3 0.8 1.1 0.3 0.6 1.1 0.7 1.0 0.6
2nd Half 0.3 0.7 1.0 0.7 0.9 0.3 0.5 1.0 0.3 0.5 0.5
Total 0.4 0.65 1.1 0.75 1.0 0.3 0.55 1.1 0.5 0.75 0.6


As you can see, Phillips fell apart the second half, as did Cooper and Travis Johnson, who was having a monster first half. I also realize that Applewhite is a nice guy, but he's not effective. He was pulled for an injured Shawne Merriman. Castillo and Garay continue to be dominant and are a nightmare when lined up together. I hope to see them set up some A-gap blitzes in the future. 

Click here for the Excel Spreadsheet ( click the download link to the right)

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