So, What is happening??

Unfortunately the chargers are now 2 and 3 again for the fourth straight year. This is probably the most frustrating one, why? Because this is a great team. They have a awesome offense, a defense which is getting better, and to add to the frustration they have played 5 bad teams. The only team that might be a bit under rated is the chiefs, but still, no team has beaten the chargers, the chargers have beaten themselves.

So right now there are about 59340 hypothesis of why the chargers lost these games. The mayor reasons thrown around are: Norv, Ron Rivera, Steve Crosby and the special teams, Turnovers, injuries, holdouts, etc. Lets look at each of these particularly:

Norv Turner: I haven't liked him from the day he started, but now in the raiders game I have to defend him, what play call did he do bad that cost us the game? A lot say the tolbert outside run, look again it was an inside run which tolbert decided to take outside. Could he have put RM in? yes. Should he have put him in? probably, but if there is one thing he didn't want to do is risk him fumbling and get him shaken up psychologically. And if you want to get into mistakes look and McMichael not falling on the ball on the second fumble he had it right at his feet but didn't do absolutely anything. Now, going back to the Chiefs game, there you can blame him because he had the ball on the 4 and they couldn't stop tolbert and he threw it all the time. That is a game you can blame on him like last year against baltimore. The upside is he has started slow before and has always turned it around, and this time he has his best team yet. The downside is he lost against BAD teams. 

Ron Rivera: Again someone who's play calling has frustrated me because of the little blitzing but again you can't blame him, especially this year. Think of the D last year, he has brought it a long way and they have been playing very well. Also you have to think they have allowed 14, 13, 13, 3 and 17 points that sums up to 60 points in 5 weeks! Thats an average of 12 points a game! Stop hating on the guy, I don't love his play calling either but he's getting the job done.

Steve Crosby and the special teams: NOW HERE IS SOMEONE OR SOME PEOPLE YOU CAN REALLY BLAME! Lets review the 3 games the chargers lost: Chiefs: Punt return for touchdown, and Mike Sciferes saved a punt return, Seahawks 2 Ko return for TD and Leon Washington slipped on another one, Raiders: 2 PUNT BLOCKS= 9 points and a punt return again saved by Mike. I could bring out all the stats but the said above says enough.

Turnovers: The Chargers have 13 turnovers in 5 games which averages 2.6 turnovers a game. Last year we had very little turnovers, what happened? Whatever it is, start getting arm braces or whatever on every RB arm. The killing thing is that a lot of these fumbles have been in key situations or returned for TD, today was an example: 2 fumbles in the redzone, one at the 1 yard line, another fumble while trying to comeback, returned for a touchdown. This also happened last week against Arizona. This is another key to better this team. You can't win games having so many crucial mistakes, whatever they have to do to make it better DO IT!

Injuries: Its part of the game. Yes a lot of them have hit the LB squad which makes you feel that the guys who prepare them aren't doing a good job, but it is part of this violent game.

Holdouts: Vincent Jackson is not missed, you can say whatever you want but everybody has been coming up big, whether it is Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd, CBD, Crayton, Legedu, Sproles or even Hester, the pass atack is doing just fine. Marcus on the other hand is missed. Drombrowski is  a good player but he is not the pro bowl player MM is. Still the O-line has been doing a very good job.

So to finish the big problems are turnovers and special teams, which is basically the chargers shooting themselves in the feet. I will leave with this stat to let you think what the problem is, the chargers have given up 60 points with the defense on the field (26 of those points the opposing offense started in chargers territory) and they have given up 44 POINTS WITH THE DEFENSE OFF THE FIELD. That is whats causing all these loses.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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