Wake me up when (the Chargers’) September ends


I think most families have that one alcoholic relative who shows up

sloshed to family gatherings and will inevitably ruin any Holiday

celebration they are invited to. In my family that honor belongs to my

Uncle Bob. Bob is a good guy, but he likes to drink and seems to find

new and creative ways to make an ass out of himself. Every year we

hope and pray that he will have cleaned up his act but we all know

deep down that he's just going to hit the bottle and pass out at the

dinner table in some embarrassing fashion. The Chargers are a lot like

Uncle Bob. At the start of every football season I have high

aspirations that they will get off to a good start but I know in my

heart that I'm just fooling myself.  And like clockwork, they stumble

out of the gate and ruin my September.

I wasn't surprised to see the Chargers lose to the Chiefs in Kansas

City a few weeks back. Nor was I dismayed when they dropped that game

to the Seahawks last Sunday. In fact I'm amazed anytime they pull off

a win before October. It doesn't matter who they play, it doesn't

matter how well they did in the preseason, it doesn't matter if they

are picked to win the Super Bowl, I know that they are going to suck

in September. What I do find fascinating are the different ways that

the Chargers are able to play mediocre football against inferior

opponents so early in the season. Last year it was an inability to

stop the run on defense and a subsequent lack of a running game on

offense. Our slow start in 2009 allowed the Denver Broncos to become

the early season favorite to win the AFC West. They of course

collapsed in spectacular fashion and the Chargers had an 11-game

Win streak to finish the season.  This year the weak link is clearly special

teams. Kasim Osgood left for Jacksonville in the offseason and he

apparently took any semblance of kickoff coverage with him. That might

be oversimplifying things a bit, however you have to figure that

Seattle wouldn't have run back two kickoffs for scores had Osgood

still been with the Bolts. The slow start to the 2010 season has opened the

door for the Kansas City Chiefs to run away with the division lead. We

are three games in and already two behind the upstart Chiefs who seem

to be riding a wave of youth and talent this year. While Kansas City

does have some incredibly skilled rookies, they are lacking in

experience and Matt Cassel is still kind of a question mark at

quarterback. It's reasonable to assume that they will come back down

to earth soon and that the Chargers will get back to winning with


Speaking of winning - the Arizona Cardinals will be in town this

Sunday and should provide a good opportunity for the Chargers to get

back to .500. They might be two years removed from a Super Bowl

appearance but Kurt Warner ain't going to be suiting up anytime soon.

This is a team that rests their fortunes on Derek Anderson's arm and

was a shanked Sebastian Janikowski field goal away from losing to the

Raiders last week. Provided that the Chargers shore up their special teams coverage I

think a victory is on the horizon. I've watched this team closely the

last few years and I know that it isn't time to push the panic button

until at least Halloween. Today is the first day of October and that

bodes well for the Chargers fortunes. Besides, if I can look past

Uncle Bob's drunken antics I can forgive the Chargers for another

crappy September.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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