Regrading the Draft

Well now that the season is officially over I think now would be a good time to go back and grade the previous draft.

Im pretty sure John or another member did this recently so I apologize if it looks similar.


First round: Larry English (OLB) Grade D+

I had a lot of hope for Larry after the draft but he just hasn't shown that he has what it takes to be an nfl player. I still have hope for him, but he must start showing more next season. Considering Clay Matthew's and Michael Oher were available this isn't looking like the smartest pick.


Third Round: Louis Vasquez (OG) Grade A-

Vasquez has been a viable starter from the beginning of the year and is looking like one of the best guards to come out of the draft. He still must improve his run blocking which is why he didn't receive an "A" but I have a lot of confidence he will develop into a elite or at least above average guard for years to come. He also seems to be very down to earth which is always a plus.

Fourth Round (1 of 3): Vaughn Martin (DE/DT) Grade B

I like the development so far of Martin. He has been a project but thats what we expected. I have been impressed with the progress and he seems to be steadily getting better each game. He could be the steal of the draft in a couple years or could be out of the league, neither would really surprise me.

Fourth Round (2 of 3): Tyronne Green (OG) Grade C

I believe someone said it best in a previous post, he is just what your looking for in the fourth round, nothing special, but is a solid backup and is depth to add onto the roster. Looking back a better choice could have been Javon Ringer or Jonny Knox but this still isn't a horrible pick.

Fourth Round (3 of 3): Gartrelly Johnson (RB) Grade F

Didn't even make the team. This was probably my favorite pick after the draft, shows what little I know.

Fifth Round: Brandon Hughes (CB) Grade F

Was put on injured reserve before the season even started. Im not convinced he would have made the team anyways. He seems to small and fragile and I was not impressed with what I saw from him in the preseason.

Six Round: Kevin Ellison (SS) Grade B+

Great value in the sixth round. The only reason this isn't an "A" is because Im not sure if he will ever be anything more then a solid/dependable starter. Adds great depth and is the only true strong safety on the team.

Seventh Round: Demetrius Byrd (WR) Grade C+/B-

Not enough data, but I dont regret this pick one bit. I think its worth every bit of the risk.


Key free agents to watch: C.J. Spillman, James Holt


Again I am sorry if this looks like the previous draft grade post, I just wanted to give my opinion. 

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