Saving Ulcers and Heart Attacks – One Fan at a Time

In reading a lot of the comments on BFTB and hearing them on the radio, I am saddened.  Not by the Bolts play (well, yeah, sure, there’s plenty of that), but by the reaction of the fans.


Yes, it was ugly.  Maybe downright horrible.  But imagine being a Raider fan.  No, on second thought, don’t put yourself through that.


My point is that last night’s game was no different than it ever is for the Chargers


Here’s my theory: the Chargers are filled with a certain degree of hubris and conceit that they build no fire before a game starts.  They just ASSUME their talent is going to be enough to win.  So they spend the first half getting their butts kicked.  When they go into the locker room, they don't make adjustments so much as they WAKE UP!  They go, "Oh.  Our opponent doesn't suck.  Hmm.  Maybe we should try harder."  So they scramble back.  And more often than not, they win.  Like, way more than they should be allowed to!  No other team does in the NFL does it this way.  That skill and talent at being so deft to rally late in a game should be applauded!


But more importantly, it should be understood that that’s who they are and that’s how they do it.


Of course, there are a lot of elements to this team that desperately need improvement (offensive and defensive line, play calling/coaching, Clinton Hart).  But their uncanny knack for doing just enough to win – most of the time – makes them just as good as, say, Philadelphia.  Or New England (who barely beat BUFFALO at HOME).


Okay, maybe not.  But then again, maybe.  After all, what are the criteria for being a good team in the NFL?  Dominating?  Blowing out the opponent?  Winning by 40 on the road against a division foe who is hellbent on sending you to the morgue?  As if any of that ever happens in the NFL!


Now, none of this changes the fact that this Charger team is hard to watch sometimes.  Okay, a lot of time.  But if you want to save yourself the heartache and other potential physical maladies the best suggestion I can give is not start watching the game until the second half.  That’s when they’re great!  And your blood pressure will thank you.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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