Is it too Early to Talk About the Draft?

I didn't think so!

 I'm a huge college football fan, I love every aspect of it from recruiting all the way up until the draft.  Since this is naturally a slow week for me (due to the holidays) and it's chalk full of college football (man I love Bowl season) I've decided to take a first peak at the upcoming draft.  I know, I know, I'm crazy, the NFL season hasn't even ended yet!  I don't even know the final draft order!  What about the All-Star games?  What about the combine?  All of these are valid points but come on it's the NFL Draft what fun would it be if we didn't have uniformed armchair GM's (such as myself) throwing in their two cents way too early!  I know I am making a mockery of the system but damn it isn't that why they call it a Mock Draft?

Since we really don't know what the real draft order at this point, I've decided to only mock the first 10 picks.  These teams have multiple needs so their picks are pretty interchangeable.


1.   Rams - Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska - I'm guessing that after the Rams lose on Sunday (to the 49ers) they will officially open up contract talks with Suh.  I'm sure Spagnuolo is having the same dreams about Suh that we all had about Kathy Ireland when were 12 or 13.

2.   Lions - Eric Berry, SS Tennessee (Jr.) - Safety is a huge need for the Lions, who have allowed a league worst 30.5 points per game.  The Lions really focused on their offense in last year's draft, spending 7 of their picks on offensive players.  I expect them to do the same in this year's draft only focusing on their defense instead of their offense.

 3. Chiefs - Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma (Jr.) - The Chiefs are a mess, they need a lot of help in a lot of different areas.  However, their biggest area of need (and the hardest position to fill in the NFL) is at NT and they happen to be in luck.  This year's draft has two stud DTs who can become starters from day one.  Gerald McCoy would become an instant difference maker on the Chiefs defense and while he may not be as good as Suh he is still a rare talent.

4. Buccaneers - Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State - The Bucs invested in a QB last year so it's time to invest in some protection for him this year.  Despite their record I think the Bucs are a talented team and really don't have many holes to fill.  The Bucs took a major hit last year when they showed Jon Gruden the door, had one of the best defensive coordinators in the game leave and then asked a rookie head coach to pick up the pieces, oh and to do it all with Byron Leftwitch, a Rookie QB and QB who is 2 years removed from DII non-scholarship football.

5. Redskins - Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma - I know this is a bit of a reach at this point and depending on what happens with the CBA and/or with Campbell the Skins may end up taking Bradford or Clausen with this pick, but the Skins line is horrible and if Allen gets to make this pick my guess is that he will start to rebuild their line.

6. Browns - Joe Haden, CB Florida (Jr.) - To be honest I have no clue what Holmgren is going to do with the mess that is the Browns.  I don't see him drafting a QB this early and there are really no RBs that would warrant the pick so I'm guessing they will address their biggest need on D which is at CB.

7. Seahawks - Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma (Jr.) - Hasselbeck should have at least a year or two left  in him which should be plenty of time to allow Bradford to fully heal and get use to a pro style offense.  In all honesty I think Bradford is the only QB of the group who has a chance of becoming a franchise type QB.

8. Bills - Rolando McClain, LB Alabama (Jr.) - This kid is too much of a talent for the Bills to pass up at this point.  The only caveat to this is if they sign Weis as their HC then I think it's a sure thing they will pick Clausen at #8.

9.  Raiders- Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame (Jr.) - Cocky, big arm and doesn't he just feel like a Raider?

10.  Broncos (Via the Bears) - Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State (Jr.) - I think this is the year that the Broncos finally ditch the Headache that is Brandon Marshall.  Bryant is the best WR in the draft and while he may not be able to fill Marshall's shoes fully he will at least make his absence a little less noticeable.  I'm sure the Broncos would love for McClain or Bradford to fall this far but I just don't see it happening.

32.  Chargers - Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech (Jr.) - Dwyer is the big power back that the Chargers have coveted since they let Michael Turner walk two years ago.  I know a lot of people are against using first round picks on RB's but this is the Bolts biggest position of need and Dwyer fills the exact hole in Norvs Offense.  However, one thing I have learned is that I never have any clue as to whom AJ is going to pick in the first round. 

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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