Non Sequiturs

Because I'm fond of my witty writing (even though so few other people are) and because I have some free time, I just wanted to jot some thoughts down from yesterdays game and see if they generate any responses from y'all.


On your all-time list of Dumb Onside Kicks, where did that Cowboys attempt from yesterday rank?  I would say #3 (although I can't remember the other 2).  I mean, I liked the formation: two kickers standing side-by-side trying to confuse the opposition as to who was going to kick it and to which side.  It reminded me of "What's My Line" when the REAL John Doe would please stand up, and then one guy would -- but then NO, it was another guy.  But then that formation turned into a dribbler basically right in front of the mound.  Huh??

And how about the Cowboy playcalling inside the 4 yard line.  Okay, that's probably been discussed ad nauseum somewhere else on this site.  Thank God for Jason Garrett's machoistic tendency to try to "smash it down" the Chargers' defense's throat.

Finally, I don't mean to bag on the Cowboys too much -- I really do think they're a good team who is forced to play under a lot of tough scrutiny -- and this really isn't their fault because I see the "Wild Insert-Mascot-Name-of-Tailback-Who-Takes-Direct-Snap Here" formation defended the same everywhere.  Why doesn't the cornerback who is assigned to defend the QB-lined-up-as-receiver play him right on the line of scrimmage??  A) It's a free chance to pop the guy in the mouth, and B) it takes away from silly little flea flickers.  Well... glad they didn't.


So I'm driving home from an all-day party last night with my wife and mother-in-law thinking about nothing but watching the DVR recording of the Charger game as soon as I get home when my mother-in-law says, totally out of the blue, "So are you gonna watch the game as soon as you get home?"  Huh??  I said, "Yeah, maybe.  I don't know, I'm kinda tired." 

I don't know about you guys but admitting that football in general and the Chargers specifically consume my every waking thought on Sundays (and occasionally Mondays, and in a couple weeks Saturday) is like admitting I'm a football geek, like I can't handle or deal with "more important" life issues.  But more importantly, to admit to an all-consuming gameday addiction, and even to simply be able to answer questions like, "Who are they playing?" and "What time is the game?" WILL CAUSE THEM TO LOSE!  Oh, sure, you laugh, but IT'S TRUE!  It's happened before!  The second I have said, "I'm really looking forward to this to game!" -- BAM!  Stick it in the L column.  So I have to slough it off, I have to sneak up on it.  I continue to hide my addiction -- for all of us.

Which brings up the question: I know some of you have talked about your superstitions on this site, and when this winning streak started, some of you even talked about wearing the same clothes every week without washing them.  Is that continuing??  If so, good for you!  I implore you -- keep it up!  Or down, or on, whatever is the case.


Feel free to respond with your own non-sequitors.  Maybe we'll make this a weekly feature!  Just kidding, of course, John.  John?  You okay?  Did you just pass out?  Breathe... breathe.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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