Getting One Over on the Giants of Jersey


Here is the Patrick Perspective on the Chargers-giants game.  The day started bleary-eyed and slow.  My fiancé worked till 5 in the morning and I had spent all night studying for work and absolutely giddy about the day ahead.  At moments like this, it does not matter how tired you may be; it’s game day.

                The Big Apple Bolts Backers ordinarily watch the game from MJ Armstrongs in Manhattan.   Please do come if you are ever in the city as it is filled with kind people and hardcore fans.  Several months ago everyone starting asking questions what we were doing for the game, one thing led to another and through (mostly) two of the BABBs about 300 Charger fans found themselves in giant’s stadium parking lot with two limo buses, a professional tailgating crew and more alcohol that we could consume.  Those who were there know this is no exaggeration. 

                The limo buses picked us up at 10 am near Time’s Square.  We stocked them with magnums of champagne and oj, cases of brew, rum, vodka, and a few bottles of water.  We arrived around 10:45 about 2 mmosas deep to the parking lot close to the entrance and there were few others there.  Quick as silver the food line and bbq were set up.  At this point the there were about 100 people there.  Here is a picture from the bus and a group picture.


As the afternoon progressed the crowd grew and pretty soon I wondered where all the giants fans were.  I decided to venture off and visit sam and get a little heckling.  I love getting heckled, especially when people are funny about it.  At an away game I usually just laugh and don’t say much more that a couple lines; I’m not so much into antagonizing others in the lion’s den.  A lot of yelling and screaming but I was surprised at how many young kids were there (about 5-10 yo) who were wearing LT jerseys and playing catch or otherwise bonding with their giants jersey wearing fathers.  I would have been endearing if the parents weren’t flirting with the dark side.  Sam was hanging out with a few giants fans who I liked and found friendly.  On the way back to the bus I found my way into a sea of giants fans who were giving me the how-do-you-do and hope-you-get-home-safe treatment.  A football found its way to hitting me in the lower torso.  The people who threw it had no receiver in the area.  I called intentional grounding and punted the ball away. 

                My fiancé, Mladenka, and I decided to walk around and high-five every Charger fan we saw.   I love women who get heckled and give a razz right back.  "Hey you’re girl is taller than you!"  and her smiling reply "I’m taller than you too so what’s up!?!  Go Chargers!"  We went through several sections and (somewhat) randomly came upon John and clipshow.  A high-five and "you’re Patrick aren’t you" later and I knew we found home away from home.  A picture, this time Mike had his shirt on.  You’re welcome.


(mike, me, mladenka, "escondido" john, clip show)

It was now time to go in.  Clip Show was right, the stadium is reminiscent of the murph.  The main difference seemed to be that the entire stadium was above ground; you don’t walk down to the field level like in SD, instead you take an escalator up to the first level and then walk right back down the steps on the other side toward your seats.  There were similar sight-lines, a similar promenade a-la the plaza section of the murph. 


                The Star Spangled Banner was sung and for a moment the whole stadium agreed on something.  When you are in a hostile environment it’s easy to lose the humanity of the people around you.  But for just a moment, everyone was thinking the same thing and was thankful to be together.  Then the game started and it was on.  I have already posted my thoughts about the game before but there was a little boy about eight or nine sitting in front of me who saw 54 seconds left in the game and turned to me and said "there’s not enough time to score.  Game’s over."  What do you say to such a sweet face saying such vitriol?  "Don’t jinx your team kid."  Our section had already started to empty out as most had thought the game was in the refrigerator.  After Rivers to Jackson for the win came and went there were even fewer still in the stands.  I had to run to the section next to mine to find charger fans to dog-pile and celebrate with.  A few choice words were said from giants fans but all in good fun from the losing team I might say.  As the last Merriman sack sealed the deal a rain of beer and trash came down from the rafters hitting mostly other giants fans. 

                After the game the area where the buses were was party central for the post-game shenanigans.  Here are a few pictures.




The buses dropped us off at MJs and we all lived happily ever after. 

A quick note: Marisa from BABB, wherever you are right now, thank you for your work for everyone.  See you at MJs.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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