Chargers vs. Broncos (Uncensored)

At Mile High Report (MHR) we/they believe in respectful dialoge and smart football talk. Period. Mr. John Bena, the man who runs the site (MHR), has over 300 comments reporting back on questions asked on this Chargers site. That's pretty terrific. Just serves to show:  Great game coming up. It's amazingly  improtant to each of us; that's why you read these writes.

His (John Bena, AKA The Sports Guru) knowledge, and those who support his site, is insane. I have learned much. I'm sure you peeps have your own 'guy' who informs you too. Me, myself, I'm new to the site this year. Over that short period of my time it seems (in my guestimation) we have more hands-on participation from passionate fans than anybody in the nation... er, at least more than the last five teams we've beaten ( that's all I've been privy to, one week at a time, ya know). (Coach McDaniels taught me that;)

That last paragraph served no purpose, btw, other than to say "We Hungry".

This post isn't sanctioned by MHR, but here I am, stepping on toes, wanting to know where it is exactly that you folks feel like your team might have the upper-hand on our team. Sure, the score will be the final judgment, but what of yours? What's your judgment? LT healthy and going to run all over us? Sproles gonna change the pace and break off a couple big runs? Jackson gonna burn our coverage? You gotta love Gates... can he rip strips in our scheme?

Mr. Bena and MHR come over to each site, each week, to each opponent and just spit knowledge. Respectfully. It's really pretty scary how accurate that knowledge ends up being a premonition-come-true. This post is slightly different, in that I want to hear some trash-talk - that's football. But instead of asking questions you think I can answer... ask me some you think I can't. Tell me why you're going to win.

I'll do my best to tell you why you are wrong.

I invite my fellow MHR members to jump in any time. And I'll be here, on your site, to take my knocks in the unlikely case of a loss. I'll meet you later in the season in the case of a Broncos win; I'll not be here to rub it in.

27-17 Broncos. There, I'm on a limb. I'm vulnerable.

I should quickly mention, bring the noise, bring the hate, bring the rivalry... whatevs.... but let's keep it respectful, that's the MHR way.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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