Post Game Thoughts

OK, so I had a lot of thoughts run through my head right after the game so here we go.

1. Cutler and Favre can have their Pro Bowl Bids and Peyton can have his MVP award our QB and our team is showing the country what we can do.

2. Our defense had their best and most complete game of the season tonight which is fitting since it was the playoffs. Everything except that one mistake was awesome. Weddle had a great game tackling. We only had one sack by Dobbins but it was a HUGE one. Even when we weren't getting sacks we usually were getting enough pressure to throw off Peyton just enough.

3. Which brings me to my next thought. Cromartie is still talking way too much. The whole defense got caught off guard on that play but he was staring at the sideline. He is talking smack after every play, he needs to take a page out of Jammer's book in order for him to get better.

4. Jacob Hester had a whale of a game blocking. I nominate him for Best Supporting Actor. He was involved in every big run. He spring LT on his TD and on all of Sproles' big runs.

5. Mike Scifres is the best punter I have ever seen. There is no way in hell we are even close in this game without him. I think the average starting positions for the Colts was round the 15 yard line. That guy is a beast and a half. Also, Nate the Great made a postseason FG, yeah!

6. What can you say about Sproles? I still maintain that it is good for us to get Bennett in there to give him a breather especially since Darren is returning punts and kickoffs as well. Bennett didn't look too shabby. Sproles finishes one yard short of 2nd all time for all purpose yards in a playoff game. Behind a Chargers of course!

7. The O-Line struggled with the pass rush but was not too bad run-blocking. Which is strange since it has been the other way around most of the year. Rivers didn't have the best game of his career and made a few mistakes which were half his fault half having not a lot of time to make a decision. He did do a good job of throwing the ball away when the screens didn't develop and when the receivers were covered.

8. Which brings me to my next point. Rivers had a shitty game, LT was out most of the game, VJ had no catches, we had two awful turnovers, we made a huge mistake on defense, and WE STILL WIN THE GAME. This is a team that never ever gives up whether it be on a season or on a game. Remember that last KC game? We never gave up.

9. The Norv Turner criticism needs to officially be put to sleep by the entire world. A 4-8 team making the playoffs and beating the hottest team in the NFL? The best coach in the world would have a hard time keeping a team together at 4-8 with the huge expectations that we had. This team never gave up, never looked back, never listened to the naysayers. He took us to the AFC Championship game which we nearly won with all of our stars hurt. He is taking us to the divisional round this season after starting 4-8 and LT out. Norv Turner is officially a great head coach.

10. Do we want the Steelers or Titans? Last season we beat the Titans twice including in the playoffs. We lost a close one point decision this season at Pittsburgh when we weren't playing as well. If the Ravens win twice and we win once more the AFC championship game will be at Qualcomm Stadium.

11. Injuries are going to be key. Is LT done for the postseason? How about Gates? Tucker and Phillips were hurt late in the game too. Injuries always seem to be a big factor in our postseason runs.

OK that's enough. Eat your hearts out. Take that America! Take that ESPN! Take the MSM! Take that everyone who picked against us!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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