Chargers-Patriots Success & Stop Rates

Chargers Offense Success Rates:


Overall 37.5% 21/56
Pass 60.7% 17/28
Run 14.3% 4/28
1st Down 33.3% 9/27
2nd Down 47.4% 9/19
3rd Down 30.0% 3/10
1stPass 75.0% 6/8
1stRun 15.8% 3/19
2ndPass 72.7% 8/11
2ndRun 12.5% 1/8
3rdPass 33.3% 3/9
3rdRun 0.0% 0/1
1st Quarter 47.1% 8/17
2nd Quarter 38.5% 5/13
3rd Quarter 38.5% 5/13
4th Quarter 23.1% 3/13
1stPass 58.3% 7/12
1stRun 20.0% 1/5
2ndPass 57.1% 4/7
2ndRun 16.7% 1/6
3rdPass 66.7% 4/6
3rdRun 14.3% 1/7
4thPass 66.7% 2/3
4thRun 10.0% 1/10

Chargers Defense Stop Rates:


Overall 52.2% 35/67
Run 45.0% 9/20
Pass 55.3% 26/47
1st Down 51.7% 15/29
2nd Down 45.8% 11/24
3rd Down 61.5% 8/13
4th Down 100.0% 1/1
1stRun 40.0% 2/5
1stPass 54.2% 13/24
2ndRun 50.0% 6/12
2nd Pass 41.7% 5/12
3rdRun 33.3% 1/3
3rdPass 70.0% 7/10
4thRun N/A N/A
4thPass 100.0% 1/1
1st Quarter 57.1% 8/14
2nd Quarter 73.3% 11/15
3rd Quarter 62.5% 10/16
4th Quarter 27.3% 6/22
1stRun 60.0% 3/5
1stPass 55.6% 5/9
2ndRun 71.4% 5/7
2nd Pass 75.0% 6/8
3rdRun 100.0% 1/1
3rdPass 60.0% 9/15
4thRun 0.0% 0/7
4thPass 40.0% 6/15


Hester, Sproles and Tolbert combined for eight rushing attempts without one successful run.  Tomlinson managed to be successful on only four of his 20 attempts.  The runningbacks weren't completely ineffective, though, as Sproles and Tomlinson were four for four receiving.

Naanee was targeted only once, but he converted a third down.  Gates was targeted five times and his only failure was the touchdown he dropped early in the game.  Manumaleuna was the only receiver to be successful on less than 50% of chances.  Jackson, like Gates, was successful on every pass he actually caught.  Jackson, though, was the target on five incomplete passes to Gates' one.  That said, there is practically nothing to complain about in the passing game making it essentially the opposite of the running game.

The defense was basically just dominant.  Until the fourth quarter when they were content to allow the Patriots to run time off the clock for them, they allowed the Patriots to do nothing with consistent success.  It was a great game defensively.  Jamal Williams and Quentin Jammer, in particular, had great games.  I have nothing negative to say about the defense this week.

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This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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